Weekly Update #21

Monday February 28

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 28TH FEBRUARY 2022

Hi, everyone 👋

We’ve all been touched by the events we’ve seen unfold in Europe over the past week. To be perfectly honest, writing a weekly update right now can seem almost meaningless compared to the horrors of war that the Ukrainian people are currently living through. We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to anyone caught up in the invasion of Ukraine. We all hope and wish for an end to the fighting and a return to normalcy and safety for anyone touched by the war.

We encourage everyone to support and donate to the relief of the Ukrainian people through your preferred channels and organizations. 

Here’s this week’s update:

📈 Milestones & stats

2 200+ artists in the enterverse!

650 000 NFTs sold in the enterverse!

💻 Development update 

enter was updated last Thursday with some awaited features:

  • Burn NFT function for creators
  • Singles & Albums sections on enter.audio
  • Multi-minted NFTs in the ‘recent sales’ section on enter.art and enter.audio
  • Limited track duration on enter.audio, full track only available upon NFT purchase
  • Creators can now always display their NFTs in collections, even when the NFTs are sold. 
  • Both creators and collectors can now move the collections up and down to showcase them in their preferred order.
  • Added report button on NFTs -  connected to enter.help 
  • Added social sharing image for enter.blog

For the coming weeks, we’re working on: 

  • Features for enter.market
  • enter blog optimization 
  • New features and fixes on enter.art & enter.audio
  • enter x release
  • Burn suspended NFTs solution
  • Events / Metaverse & Physical 

👥 Community development

We have had a lot of amazing competitions and events going on lately, and we're not going to stop now!

This week the NFTART giveaway on Reddit continues, and you can still participate to have the chance to win 250bn NFTART.

A new art contest is starting tomorrow, and we're hosting another shill contest on Thursday! In addition to Lucian Shye and Luvcraft hosting another community hangout on Sunday, we're also hosting our very first Gartic-Bot event this weekend. We hope to see a lot of you guys there and encourage everyone to join voice chat for the events on the weekend.

📖 Blog posts   

We had a deep dive into the interesting topic of Blockchain Interoperability in this week’s blog post on enter.blog. https://www.enter.blog/@enter/blockchain-interoperability

Stay tuned for more artist presentations and drops on enter.blog in the coming times.

✨ Art Highlights
Adoption by Chano
Ninjas, The 10 Commandments by Fallen_apocalyptica
AJ Special by Tuwaras
This Shit Magic - Pete the Alien by Digitalkontrol, currently up for auction!


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