Weekly Update #38

Monday June 27

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 27TH JUNE 2022

🤘 Tons of Rock Update

We’ve had a busy but amazing week at the Tons of Rock festival! 

- It’s been a true pleasure partnering with and participating in Norway’s biggest festival. We’ve spread the word about NFTs, enter and crypto art to a completely new crowd. We had a huge NFT tent with a VR gallery, exhibited works from enter.art, and we got to promote enter on the big screens right before major bands such as Deep Purple and Korn performed.  

📈 Milestones & stats

☑️ Completed our biggest physical appearance yet at Norway’s largest festival

☑️ Successfully launched an enter x on Avalanche

✔ Development update 

New enter x brewing… 👀

👥 Community development
Wow! We’re still no. 1 on Astrospaces! Great job, everyone, and let's keep voting to bring more exposure to $nftart and enter!

Last week we had our first chance to meet the community in real life and expand it by being present at Tons of Rock. It was great to meet some community members in real life for the first time and get so many metal-heads started with enter.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway on Reddit and Discord last week! Winners will be announced shortly!

📖 Blog posts   

The representation of diversity and love for the unique is clear in Mettoz’ NFTs, and we’ve been so excited to get to know her better in this wonderfully colourful article: https://www.enter.blog/@enter/meet-the-artist-mettoz

The metaverse is on everyone’s lips, and the fantastic guest writer Chidera Anushiem took us through what opportunities the metaverse economy has to offer in this article:

✨ Art Highlights

Lonely Man by Bondzai

The Return of Luis Ricardo and Alfom3ga by Luis_ricardo & Alfom3ga

Trimurti Trinity by Cédric Debled

Untitled Platformer by Nftpixels

Mask Man by Sheep (Fresh new editions!)

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Weekly Update #14

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Introducing the enterverse festival

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