Weekly Update #43

Monday August 1

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 1ST AUGUST 2022

Gm everyone! 

Our newest addition to the enter ecosystem - The NFT marketplace enter.market was released in Beta on Thursday last week. We’re currently working on testing the platform, doing fixes and developing new features. 

It’s a great feeling that it’s finally out there! We also started rolling out the new branding campaign and an awesome promo video that is pinned on the @enterNFT Twitter account. Keep spreading the word! 

As always, the community does a great job promoting and supporting everything we share on social media. We can clearly see that even in this bear market, the engagement picked up in the past weeks, which is awesome. 

🚀 enter.market

The platform currently hosts all the functionalities needed for listing and buying NFTs like spot sales and auctions and stats needed for browsing like floor price, collection volume, Items and owners.

Another cool feature we have added is buy-out during auctions. This means that you can set a buy-now price guaranteeing that the first one willing to pay that amount will be the one to buy the NFT. 

Hotfixes we have done in the past week:

  • Listed NFTs now appear first in the collection view
  • Emails are not required anymore for collectors
  • Added Featured PFP NFTs section to the front page
  • Added Logos & Banners to all collections
  • Replace the NFT creator (wallet address) on NFT cards with the name of the collection
  • Bug fixes

The most important features we’ll be focusing on adding in the coming weeks is:

  • On-chain offers: You can make an offer on any NFT, whether it’s listed or not, for any price you see fit. If the owner accepts the offer, the transfer will happen automatically and instantly. 
  • $USDC implementation as the stablecoin currency option for buying NFTs on enter.market
  • $NFTART cross chain to Avalanche and implemented as a currency for buying NFTs on enter.market
  • Filtering and sorting system tailored to the needs of NFT collectors and enthusiasts.

🐦 enter.market Twitter space

We had a Twitter space yesterday hosted by JPOart and the enter team where CEO Kim André went into detail about the new platform. We’ll soon be announcing the next team Twitter space date, so stay tuned!

🎨 enter.art & enter.audio 🎧

As mentioned in the previous update, we will be adding the chains Avalanche and Ethereum to enter.art and .audio once the needed functionalities are finished in development.

Keep reading for a couple of NFT highlights from enter.art artists that have been minted in the past week.

👥 Community development

Today is the last day to enter the 250BN $NFTART giveaway on Reddit. We’ve also introduced new custom community awards; go check them out!

Pick up the @shill army role in the verification channel if you’d like to help the project by participating in tasks in exchange for a reward. We really appreciate everyone’s efforts to show their support for enter and the $NFTART token.

Keep showing your love for $NFTART by voting on the respected sites, and share your links promoting the project so we can also show our love with some $tips!

Look out for our first giveaway on Telegram later this week!

📖 Blog posts   

Last week, enter.blog examined the concept of DeFi and investigated how users can participate safely and effectively:

We also took a closer look at last week’s enter.market launch - check out the blog article below to learn more:

✨ Art & Collection Highlights

Carpathian Mystery by Anneta_salamandra

Lifting of Veils by Indira_iofeye

Welcome to the Avalanche & Avalanche Yeti Surf Club by Luvcraft

Don't forget to have a stroll through the explore section on enter.market for tons of new collections on Avalanche!

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