enter.market Beta is live on Avalanche!

Ready to explore and discover new NFTs? Our brand new marketplace is open and we’re inviting you all to a new chapter of the enter journey. Keep reading to get all the details!

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 28TH JULY 2022

Dear frens of the enterverse! We are excited to announce that the enter.market beta is live! 🥳

Welcome to your new multi-chain marketplace equipped with a whole new set of tools to navigate your journey in Web3. Built for artists, collectors, and investors alike and carefully tailored and designed to meet their specific needs, enter.market makes it easier than ever to discover new NFT collections and opportunities.

This has been our biggest and most challenging project yet, and we are immensely proud to finally open the doors to the first iteration of enter.market. For the first time, you can list and shop NFTs in the enterverse on a whole new blockchain - Avalanche. Avalanche is a promising and fast-growing chain. With low gas fees, a time to finality around 1 second, and support for +4500 TPS, Avalanche is fast, scalable, and has already attracted a score of interesting GameFi projects. 

As the NFT space on Avalanche is snowballing, establishing enter.market there from the get-go is a strategic decision that will pay off indefinitely, and we’re excited to connect with the community in the coming time. The first available currency for collecting, selling and listing NFTs is Avalanche’s native token $AVAX. Soon, we will also be adding $USDC and $NFTART (on Avalanche) to the mix. 

From the get-go, you will find diverse NFTs from collections like the PFP-focused Firat and Party animals collections, game-applicable NFTs from projects like Hopper, and Avalanche domain NFTs from Avvy Domains. A little bird has told us that the amazing enter creators also have several interesting projects luring in the background, so keep a close eye out for your favourite enter artists to get on board with new collections!

After a period of testing and working out the quirks that come with onboarding thousands of users at once, we'll quickly expand to several blockchains with a solid foothold in the NFT space; Ethereum and of course, our first “home” BNB Chain. This means that you will also soon be able to find your favorite exclusives from independent artists from enter.art & .audio on enter.market, next to established collections from the respective chains. Moving into the future of enter.market, .art & .audio, users can get the freedom of choice that characterizes crypto - be it chains, currencies, or NFTs.

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aims to solve two important needs we’ve identified while building in the NFT space. Firstly, we want to invite any NFT project or collector to list their NFTs in the enterverse, no matter where the original mint happened. We believe success in Web3 can only be achieved by stepping outside the box and building bridges between the diverse communities that thrive in the crypto space. Opening up for new chains, projects, and payment methods is therefore fundamental for the continued growth of enter and our fantastic community. 

The other important factor we’ve been working relentlessly on solving is discoverability in the vast sea of NFTs that exist on our own platforms and beyond. Finding new, exciting NFT projects should be seamless, and discovering great bargains should be a walk in the park. Similarly, getting your NFT project discovered should not be based on your marketing budget but rather on what you create and how it appeals to collectors. 

With the new and improved sorting system, discovering hot deals for NFTs is a breeze, and you have all the essential metrics like floor price, volume, traits, and rarities at your fingertips. The fresh filtering feature allows collectors and investors to see the exact projects they’re looking for, and the new sorting system allows collectors and investors to quickly sort through relevant projects based on the criteria set by the user. Once you’ve found the collection you’re looking for, the NFT stats overview will allow you to easily see the collection’s floor price, traits, and rarities and use that to decide which NFT fits you best. 

Updates during the beta

During the first weeks of the Beta, there will be several exciting updates on the marketplace, playing into exactly these two needs.

  • First up is on-chain offers, where you can make an offer on any NFT, regardless of the NFT being listed or not. Accepting the offer will automatically trigger a transaction. No more haggling in DMs!
  • Shortly after comes the implementation of the stable coin USDC, ensuring less volatile options for both sellers and buyers. Our in-house currency on our previous platforms, $NFTART will follow closely.
  • Lastly (for now), we have the brand new filtering system that’s being fine-tuned to ensure that you can discover exactly what you want in just a few clicks.

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It’s been a while since we wrote about enter.market here on the blog (read the introduction post here), so let’s brush up on the basics if you’re already an artist on enter. Artists on enter.art or .audio, will have their works automatically displayed on enter.market when BNB Chain is implemented. All NFTs from enter.art & .audio, including the Launchpads, will also be available in the Explore section. Featured Artists from .art & .audio will be displayed on the front page in their respective categories.

If you would like to start a new project through your own smart contracts, we recommend you to:

1. Deploy your own smart contract on Avalanche and apply for whitelisting on enter.market

2. Enjoy your time on enter.art or .audio a little longer while we fix the final details of the built-in deployer 

Whether you already are an experienced enter artist ready to explore new ways of creating NFT collections, or you’re an established project from the Avalanche community, enter.market is ready to aid you on the way to new heights. Remember to apply to have your project whitelisted here!

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your contact in the artist team or submit a ticket to enter.help if this is all unfamiliar to you - we’d love to point you in the right direction.

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aims to be a dynamic hub where you can find everything you might be looking for in the NFT space while offering innovative tools for the connoisseurs roaming the vast lands of crypto. While the first iteration of enter.market focuses on exploration and discoverability, we are not stopping there. After the full release of enter.market, you can expect exciting new DeFi solutions like NFT staking and NFT lending, and we look forward to expanding more on these topics further down the line. 

To finally share what we have been working on in the shadows for so long is extremely exciting, and we can’t wait to see you all on enter.market; be it old frens of enter, new collectors ready to join the scene, or new projects from the brilliant Avalanche community. 

Make sure to keep an eye out on our social media and community groups @enterNFT in the coming days and weeks for giveaways, updates, and collection highlights. enter.market is ready to meet the world with a bang! 

Official Websites & Marketplaces 🛒

Open NFT marketplace: https://www.enter.market

Exclusive art NFTs: https://www.enter.art

Exclusive audio NFTs: https://www.enter.audio

Token website & ecosystem overview: https://www.nft-art.finance

Gitbook: docs.enter.art

Meet the community, join the celebration & follow the journey! 🚀

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Monday July 11


enter.market Beta is live on Avalanche!

Ready to explore and discover new NFTs? Our brand new marketplace is open and we’re inviting you all to a new chapter of the enter journey. Keep reading to get all the details!