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@enter.artPUBLISHED 31ST MARCH 2022
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enter an open marketplace where art meets collectibles, PFPs, audio NFTs, and game assets, uniting the world of NFTs on a platform designed carefully to meet the needs of creators, collectors, and investors alike. Here you can explore and find everything from PancakeSwap’s Pancake Squad NFTs, to game applicable NFTs from projects like Star Sharks, as well as art and music NFTs from our artists on and opens the door for creators in the enterverse to deploy their own smart contracts and expand the utilities of their projects, side by side with some of the most popular collections on BSC. But with, our ambitions don’t stop there. We are eager to invite NFT projects and enthusiasts beyond the BSC to the enterverse, and we will therefore integrate across multiple blockchains from launch. Hello Avalanche! 👋

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So why are we launching an open marketplace? An ethos for the enter team has always been to listen carefully to the needs of our community of creators, partners, and investors, and tailor our solutions to accommodate the ever-evolving needs in the NFT space. 

Our first marketplaces, and, are both closed marketplaces, where all NFTs are minted through enter’s own smart contract. This brings an element of security and ease for users, especially for those who are not too familiar with the blockchain to begin with. You don’t need any in-depth knowledge of smart contracts to mint your art or music on the blockchain, which means that artists can ensure authenticity and fair pay, and otherwise focus on creating brilliant works and connecting with their audience. This is where you can find high-end, exclusive NFTs from original artists from around the world - perfect for the art and music focused collector. 

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, due to its fundamental mechanics, opens the doors for collections and NFTs from outside of our own ecosystem. On, instead of minting through the enter smart contract, you can deploy your own. This is vital to accommodate the ability to display floor prices and rarities, and sort out traits in a specific collection. With the rise of randomly generated collections like BAYC and Cryptopunks, there is no doubt that rarity and utilities are becoming increasingly popular - both for creators and collectors.

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Instead of being modular collections that the artist can change to their visual liking, like how collections are built on and .audio, collections on are permanent and tied to the smart contract they were minted from. 

Some creators, maybe particularly those deep into crypto and NFTs, prefer owning their own smart contracts, as it gives another layer of control and ownership over the NFT collection. Deploying your own smart contracts offers the ability for both you and your collectors to list the NFTs on any compatible marketplace, as well as sending NFTs across wallets - meaning you can also airdrop your NFTs to any wallet. In the new era of web3, owning your identity and contracts is the core value to some, while the technology behind is the magic to others.

So you are probably wondering, should I deploy my own smart contract? The short answer is, that depends on the needs of your project. Some want the option to move their NFTs across different marketplaces, while some exclusively sell at a certain marketplace. If you are the latter, then it might make more sense not to deploy your own contract. As we are closing in on the launch, make sure to do some digging on whether this may be exactly the solution you need to build your dream NFT project!

At enter, we want to create possibilities for all types of artists. So in addition to adding collections to, we will soon be launching a deployer so non-tech-savvy artists can deploy their own contracts with no hassle.

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Are you already an enter.artist?

If you are already an artist on or .audio, your works will automatically be displayed on If you’re a Featured Artist, your works will show up in Featured Art NFTs/Featured Audio NFTs on the front page. All NFTs from & .audio, including the Launchpads, will also be available in the Gallery of This means that if you’re already a creator on one of our first platforms, you do not need to do anything to be displayed on

If you would like to start a new project through your own smart contracts, we recommend that you either:

1. Deploy your own smart contract and apply for whitelisting on
2. Enjoy your time on or .audio a little longer while we fix the final details of our deployer

Dont be afraid to reach out to your contact in the artist team or if you got any questions!

Whitelisting existing collections

The beauty of an open marketplace, is that any collection following the metadata standard, can be whitelisted and displayed side by side. If you have a project somewhere on the BSC or Avalanche you’d like to share with enter collectors, we’d love to invite you to hop on board

All you need to do is to apply for whitelisting through THIS form. To ensure authenticity of all collections on, you will need to authenticate your collection with works in progress of the finished NFTs. We will get back to you within a week with further information to prepare you for launch.

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Upcoming DeFi & Lending solutions on

Another groundbreaking addition to is Rewards & Lending. In the coming weeks and months, we will be opening the door for NFT staking and NFT lending.

For NFT projects, this means a low-barrier opportunity for creating extra utility for their collections. By getting an NFT staking solution with enter, NFT projects can provide an easy way for their collectors to participate in DeFi and earn $NFTART by staking their NFTs.

For NFT holders, this means a solution to the problem of illiquidity in NFTs. By putting down their NFTs as collateral, collectors can have their cake and eat it too, so to speak. Putting down NFTs as collateral will allow collectors to hold their NFTs while also having the opportunity to gain extra exposure by borrowing crypto.

Note: Rewards and lending will be added as additional features after the launch of

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opens up for a new generation of NFT projects, with more control and additional opportunities to add the exact utilities you want for your NFTs. With functionalities like rarities, traits and floor prizes, collectors can get an entirely different opportunity to invest in NFTs, based on different metrics than what we’ve offered on our previous marketplaces. We’re excited to welcome both established projects and exciting new ideas to the enterverse in the coming months. 


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