Weekly Update 15

Monday January 17

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 17TH JANUARY 2022

Hi Everyone!👋

This week, Simon is in Miami for a few days of networking at the North American Bitcoin conference. If you are around for the conference and see Simon there, you might be lucky enough to get your hands on some enter merch! 

Regardless of his absence, we are all at full development speed in the enterverse and things are greatly progressing.

To expand our community development we have now included a section for community milestones in the weekly update. We would love to hear your feedback and ideas for how you would like us to develop the community. Writing to enter.help or in #Suggestions on Discord are the best ways to get your ideas heard by the team! 

📈 Milestones & stats

  • 4x increase in enter.audio Launchpad applications.
  • The $NFTART token reached 445 000 holders!

💰 Buyback

Our buyback wallet has earned more than 11 BNB since last Monday from staking the 16 DShares we received from Dibs Money. We also earned $150 in Fins from our Autoshark LP farm. All these funds have been used to buy back $NFTART tokens. The tokens were paired with BNB and added to the Autoshark LP.


Add liquidity:

🔥 enter.market

We are delighted to share a bit of our vision and strategy behind our up until now somewhat secret project - enter.market. This new enter marketplace will be fully geared towards showcasing and listing permanent NFT collections with floor price & attributes. The attributes system on enter.market will follow OpenSea metadata standards to enable maximum compatibility with pre-existing external NFT collections on BSC. Both brand new and already familiar artists from the enter ecosystem will be launch partners for enter.market. Imagine a mix of the best collections from enter.art, and other wildly popular collections on BSC like for example Pancake Squad NFTs.

For enter.market we will be developing most of the awaited features, and it will be the enabler for enter.games. This means that we will start a sprint to bring enter.market and enter.games to the public, and that collections, loot boxes and gamification features will be a high priority in this development phase. 

Our expanded team including 2 new blockchain developers are already hard at work and we hope we are ready to share the release date next week! 

✔ Quality of life update

We are constantly testing and optimizing to improve the logic and overall user experience on enter.art and enter.audio. We appreciate all the feedback we are getting from the community, and encourage you to keep sending your thoughts and feedback to enter.help.

Half of the dev team is working on enter x, and development is on track to be finished by the end of this month. Artist reveals, release dates and documentation will be shared in the coming week’s update. 

🎯 Targeted ad campaign update

Last week our Facebook and Instagram ads reached 1 100 000 people and generated 34 000 visits to enter.art and enter.audio. After launching ads for enter.audio, we’ve seen a 4x increase in applications for the Launchpad, and we look forward to welcoming all the new musicians to the enterverse!

We’re now entering a new stage for our paid ads, and will be optimizing our adsets and launching new split tests this week to get the most bang for the buck. 

👥Community development

  • We are currently in the process of evaluating our communities and revamping them. This means that you can expect some structural changes, new initiatives and incorporation of some of all the great suggestions we have received recently. This is super short term. 
  • A part of this is also introducing a multiple language knowledge base over at enter.help, and we are also working towards multi language channels in our communities. This is short term. 
  • Last week, our fantastic community team also took charge of our Telegram. While the team will be present and ensure our standards in Telegram as well from now on, you can still expect the team to focus on community engagement mainly in Discord. 
  • We are finalizing the details of community ambassadorships, and will begin to reach out to community members shortly. We are beyond excited to create stronger bonds with the people supporting enter through thick and thin!
  • Around 150 hoodies and t-shirts are ready to be shipped out all around the world to Featured Artists and Ambassadors in the coming week. 
  • We are also currently working on a new influencer campaign in a new geographical area. 

📖 Blog posts   

It’s been a great week at enter.blog, and we’re glad to shed some light on these interesting topics, essential for understanding the NFT space: 

How NFTs are revolutionizing the music industry

Copyright & NFTs - How to avoid the worst pitfalls

The History of NFTs

✨ Collections

Chocking_Crypto dropped 11 new Chocked Souls that were snatched in less than an hour!

Fox_Leader created Crypto Foxes #309 Doctor Liquidity Fox, a brilliant initiative for the community to collect amazing NFTs while supporting the liquidity of $NFTART. All profits are donated to liquidity_donation, where you can also find Keyoveride’s killer contribution: Weirdo Boy - Liquidity Fox


This week, we’ve mostly received questions that have been addressed under the different points of this update. We will also expand on several topics in this week's team talk. We will be collecting questions for the talk until Thursday.

If you have a question you’d like addressed in the weekly updates/upcoming team talk, please direct them to our wonderful community team in Discord/Reddit/Facebook or send a ticket to enter.help


Best wishes, enter team

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