Why choose enter? An introduction to the enterverse

The options of NFT marketplaces are many, and the opportunities may seem daunting to creators stepping into the space for the first time. Wondering if you should you choose enter as your go-to NFT marketplace?

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 15TH APRIL 2022

As the NFT space evolves and marketplaces are popping up by the day, creators are looking left and right after THE marketplace for their NFT creations. The options are many, and if you’re new in the space (like most), probably a bit overwhelming too. The bar of creating NFTs may seem high when looking at all the technical solutions, developer documentation, blockchains and did someone say “utilities for NFTs?” that is scattered around web3. Seriously though, even the most tech-savvy around us can get a bit overwhelmed in a space that moves faster than you can manage to spell Non-Fungible Token…  

No worries, that is exactly why we created enter!

With enter, it doesn't matter if you're a beginner at the start of your career, an established independent artist, or a famous band/brand/influencer. enter has customized solutions for everyone ready to step into the space; allowing you to create your own universe of NFTs, engage with one of the most active NFT-communities, create your own community and be creative on the blockchain in the way that suits you best. 

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Our platforms are built on BNB-chain (formerly known as BSC). Why is that important?

  • BNB-chain has extremely low gas fees compared to other popular chains like Ethereum. With gas fees of less than a dollar, creating NFTs and listing them for sale is more affordable than ever. 
  • By utilizing the proof of stake model of BNB-chain, we minimize the environmental impact of NFT creation. You can learn more about this important topic in our article “Are NFTs bad for the environment?

Most importantly, enter’s foremost mission is to simplify the complicated technology of NFTs to make it so accessible that anyone can use it. 

  • An NFT marketplace created by artists, for artists. 
  • We offer exposure on our high-end curated front page. 
  • Be a part of a young, but well-established platform on BSC that opens the door to a market far less saturated than other chains out there. 
  • We are community-driven; Connection and feedback drive us forward. 
  • Direct support via enter.help, our support system for any platform-related issues.
  • enter.art combined with enter.audio and enter's general community focus, gives opportunities for creative collaboration on a whole new level. 
  • Direct contact to a passionate artist team for all featured artists, ready to boost your next drop in the metaverse.

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  • Mint exclusive 1/1 art or multi mint 20 000 with no extra cost
  • Auctions 
  • Choose up to 20% royalties on all future resales of your work
  • Collaborate and split royalties with anyone (even charities!)
  • Private sales and gifting 
  • Connect with your collector with our private DM system
  • Get offers on unlisted NFTs
  • Be supported by a growing ecosystem & dedicated community 
  • Direct support and follow-up by enter.help - directly connected to our development team.

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Whether you are taking your first steps in the world of NFTs, or already a seasoned NFT degen, enter offers solutions for getting your concept on the blockchain and tapping into that secondary market.

If you’re new to NFTs, the enter.art and enter.audio Launchpads are probably the easiest ways to get started. The NFT deployer allows you to easily mint your NFTs on a shared smart contract and requires no coding experience at all. All you need to do is to send an application for the launchpad for enter.art here or enter.audio here, and after a short KYC process you will be granted access to the minting contract. 

If you’re already well-versed in the world of NFTs, enter.market might be a better solution for you. Coming to a blockchain near you soon, enter.market allows NFT projects to participate in an open, secondary market, with access to exclusive DeFi utility solutions, as well as the expected access to features such as traits, rarities, and floor prices. You can apply to have your project whitelisted here

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Official Websites & Marketplaces

Token website & ecosystem overview: https://www.nft-art.finance

Gitbook: docs.enter.art

Art NFTs: https://www.enter.art

Audio NFTs: https://www.enter.audio

Open marketplace - Coming soon: https://www.enter.market

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