Weekly update #11

Monday December 20

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 20TH DECEMBER 2021

Dear inhabitants of the enterverse!

We’re really getting into the Christmas spirit here, and as the temperature sinks below zero and snow falls outside in Europe, we are ready to embark on the journey of the new year. The chilly temperatures means more time to be inside building and developing. We are now preparing to implement the last features and fixes of 2021, and appropriate as it is at this time of the year, NFT gifting is almost ready to be released. Some of our amazing team members have gone to celebrate with their families, and even though we have reduced capacity in our support system and staff for a few days, all reports will be handled and the development, onboarding and bug fixes will take place throughout the holidays. No matter if you celebrate Christmas or not, the enter team wishes you a wonderful week full of happiness and joy!

💻 Development update

enter x
We’ve been hard at work building partnerships with enter x and we’re happy to announce that the first enter x site will be launched towards the end of January with some of the biggest musicians and bands in Norway. These are bands from major labels who have chosen to have their NFTs on Enters platform through the Enter x program. 

We’re already working with international artists and bands all over the world booking them for the next stage of enter X launches. At least one of them is ready to launch Q1 2022.

🎁 News & features

- 1 Week until NFT gifting/private sales.

- Gitbook is published and will be updated continuously!

- Gitbook: Timeline (month of release) and token updates will be added continuously and shared in weekly updates

- We are doing some final tweaks to the about/company page, which will be released tomorrow.

- New official contest incoming on our Twitter page. 

-Virtual reality art, music & crypto festival! Planning and development started. More updates will be announced as progress is made. Date: Q3 2022. Location: TBA, somewhere in the enterverse.

🔧Features and fixes we are working on

- Adding optional 30 second preview for artists - full track will be available upon purchase. 

- Changing logic for the order NFTs are displayed on the profile. 

- NFT burning.

- New company page.

- New enter.help user experience and design.

- Predefined license choices for NFTs.

- Newsletters and email notifications. 

- Reworking the Sold NFT logic.

- Reworking the logic for chat & offers. 

📈 Milestones & stats
Twitter: 117 000 + Followers
Reddit: 20 800 + Members
580.000 NFTs sold. 


Christmas is coming to enter.help! We will still be there to help with bug reports and the like, but response time may vary from 23/12 - 03/01.

📖 Blog posts
In-depth interview with Yasmaanik sharing her insights on art, blockchain and financial freedom:

How to swap safely:

✔ Quality of life update

Our Twitch design got an overhaul to suit our brand better. Some design work is still in progress, but an overall improvement was long overdue.

🎯 Targeted ad campaign update
Last week we reached 2.000.000 people and generated 24.000 visits from our paid advertisement campaign on Facebook.

Due to our Instagram and YouTube accounts undergoing verification, ads are temporarily offline. Our Twitter ads are under review and will be online as soon as they are approved. 

📌 Company updates
Merch - We got loads of questions regarding when it will be available. The first batch will go out to ambassadors, artists, partners and the like. Early 2022 enter merchandise will be available to the public through our webpage.

🖼 New collections

@nikorn_sathuchat - Rhino
@cedric_fangeat - Boom

✨ New featured artists









👥 Ambassador / Community updates / Streams and events

Last Friday we had an art live stream with Luis Ricardo, he shared his creative process and some tips on how to draw characters. 

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