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NFT staking on enter is live, and the EnterBoyz is the first collection to launch its very own staking pool! Learn the basics of NFT staking in general and how to earn rewards by staking your NFTs in this article.

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 23RD FEBRUARY 2023

This week, we rolled out a pretty darn exciting update that’s been on top of the wishlist in the community, and maybe particularly by all the NFT degens out there; NFT staking in the enterverse is finally here! 

NFT staking has been a hot topic this last year, and for good reason. If you own a bunch of killer NFTs, you’re not planning to flip for a while, why not use it to earn extra rewards? During 2022, we’ve seen many of the most prominent players in the space opening their own staking pools to offer additional utility for holders, like BAYC’s staking pool rewarding Apecoin to Bored Ape holders and Axie Infinites land staking offering rewards in AXS for holding land in the game. As the trend continues to grow across collections and chains, it’s clear that NFT staking is here to stay.    

There are multiple approaches to staking NFTs, but the most common practice, which you’ll also find in the enterverse, is offering holders an opportunity to yield rewards while placing their NFT in a set pool of rewards shared amongst the holders in the pool. While staking has long been a common practice in crypto, it is also becoming an increasingly sought-after model for adding additional value for holders in an NFT community next to the artwork and accesses the NFTs can offer. 

We’ve previously uncovered how you can yield farm with $NFTART in our native farm, and brushed up on the topic of Yield Farming vs. Staking, focused on staking and farming cryptocurrencies in general terms. With the new launch of NFT staking, let’s take a look at how to go about it!

NFT staking on enter

The first collection to launch its very own staking pool is the freshly launched EnterBoyz, a generative PFP collection that is quickly gaining momentum in the enter community. With a 1 month staking pool filled with 2T $NFTART, we’re already seeing an influx of holders jumping in on the fun, and the rewards are steadily ticking in. 

While the first pool has launched on Avalanche, we’re excited to introduce new staking pools on BNB and other chains as enter.market launches on each new chain. 

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A quick guide to help you get going: 

Alright, so we’ve gotten the basics of what NFT staking is, and we can imagine that by now, you are giddy with excitement to get started on your NFT staking journey! Here’s a quick guide to get you started with staking the EnterBoyz

1. If you already own an EnterBoyz NFT, skip this step. Grab yourself an EnterBoy on mint.enter.market, or jump over to enter.market to catch one on the secondary market. 

2. Go to stake.enter.market and connect your wallet. When connected, you’ll be able to view your NFTs that are supported by a staking pool on enter.

3. Press Stake on the NFT you wish to stake and approve the transaction in your wallet.

5. When you’ve got your rewards stacked up, press Claim Rewards and approve the transaction in your wallet to receive your rewards. 

Friendly reminders:

  • There is no time lock on staking your NFTs, and you can harvest your rewards whenever you want. 
  • You can stake multiple NFTs at the same time, but you’ll need to perform the staking process on each NFT
  • Newly accumulated rewards will not be visible until the page is refreshed

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Sneak peek: EnterBoyz exclusive holder chat in the enterNFT Discord

Looks like mom forgot something... I’ll set the table and get my steak knife while she goes to the market...

How to get your own staking pool

Besides the EnterBoyz staking pool, you’ve probably already noticed that more pools are coming when checking out the staking site. NFT staking will soon be available as a service for NFT collections in the enter ecosystem and beyond, offering easy access to adding utility to your collection by providing your holders some extra yield. 

Submit your interest here, and we’ll contact you shortly to help you on the way. Please make sure to input all relevant information so that we can determine the needs of your collection and make a price estimate that fits your needs. 

NFT staking and benefits for $NFTART 

We’ve said it before and will say it again: We’ll never stop adding value and utility to our native token, $NFTART, that fuels the ecosystem. In September, we launched our very first native LP pool for the token, allowing all diamond hands to earn rewards while providing liquidity to $NFTART. 

With the launch of $NFTART on Avalanche, we’ve also paved the way for this delicious new feature. Of course, we’ve made sure to whitelist the token contract so that there are no tokenomics involved when interacting with the staking contract. This means that if you’re a staker looking to harvest your rewards, you can do so without triggering $NFTARTs tokenomics, and if you’re a project looking to fill up your own pool with $NFTART, the same applies.

As NFT staking will be available as a service for NFT collections in the enter ecosystem and beyond, projects choosing to fund their pools with $NFTART will be offered particularly sweet deals. This will create buying pressure, awareness and function as an extended utility for the token. In addition to exposure to new communities and investors, it will drive traffic to the enter platforms and increase the activity across the ecosystem, which always benefits the token due to its use on the platforms and its visibility in the enterverse

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