Weekly Update #29

Monday April 25

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 25TH APRIL 2022

GM everyone!

We’re happy to start the week with an update to the enterverse where we introduce lots of awaited features. The update is being rolled out as we speak and further down we’ll take a look at some of the new features. 

Tuesday next week we’ll be hosting a Twitter space with JPO and the enter team to talk about NFTs, enter, and the direction of the NFT space. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

✔ Development update 

enter has been updated today with a bunch of new features. Some of the more noteworthy additions are:

  • Email notifications
  • Enable private sale/gifting of multi-minted NFTs
  • The option to direct message any enter user.
  •  BNB faucet to help new artists get started on their NFT journey by giving them their first gas fee(s). 
  • Added possibility to hide/show the audio-player on enter.audio
  • Added NSFW system to blur explicit photos
  • Enable private sale/gifting to a wallet address that has not connected to enter yet

The full change-log will be uploaded to docs.enter.art tonight.

📈 Milestones & stats

  • 600 group members on Facebook
  • 3500 likes on Facebook page.

👥 Community development

Ding! Many people have already started leveling up in the Discord server, and we’re looking forward to even more people leveling up this week. Stay tuned to exclusive giveaways coming up!

There’s still an $NFTART giveaway going on in the subreddit, so if you haven’t already, head over there to have a chance to win some free tokens.

📖 Blog posts

This weekend we welcomed an extremely exciting drop to enter.art. Tony Nasa & Tiana has teamed up once again to offer high quality boxing NFTs, this time in collaboration with several leading female fighters! Make sure to check out this unique opportunity to grab some unique NFTs and be a part of upcoming giveaways of authentic boxing memorabilia. Get the full update here!

We took a stroll through our beloved Discord server this week, to celebrate all our wonderful community members and invite new. If you’re curious about our largest community, this article is for you!

✨ Art Highlights

enter.art is currently booming with brilliant collections from our amazing creators!

Platinum Little Fighters & Queens of Boxing by Tony Nasa & Tiana

BioBotz by Artofoda

Enter Whales by Roger_Cadiz & Keyoveride

Pocktz Fighters by Tnwrks

Entropomorphic Lunar Postcards by Indira_iofeye

Lots of love, 
enter team

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