NFT drop - Little Fighters by Tony Nasa & Tiana

Following up on last seasons fantastic collection, enter ambassadors Tony Nasa and Tiana are now ready to present the next Little Fighters. This time in collaboration with several leading female boxers! logo
@enter.artPUBLISHED 22ND APRIL 2022

Are you ready for a groundbreaking NFT drop where sports meet art and collectibles? We’re thrilled to announce that two of our amazing ambassadors, Tony Nasa & Tiana, are coming in hot with their second NFT drop Little Fighters, featuring and supported by some of the biggest names in boxing. You might remember the previous drop by these brilliant artists that were also covered on Now, we're excited to finally present round two, exclusively available on for all the boxing fans out there!

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Amongst the NFTs dropping on Saturday 23/04, you’ll find some of the all-time boxing legends like the four boxing kings Sugar Ray, Hearns, Duran, and Hagler, in the platinum edition of the Little Fighters collection. Alongside the fresh-out-the-box platinum Little Fighters, you will also find the Boxing Queens featuring some of the greatest female boxers today- The GWOAT, Serrano, and The Heat. These NFTs have been created to show support to Women in sports, and have been made in close collaboration with the fighters themselves. 

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Claressa The GWOAT Shields & Tony Nasa back in 2019, when she became the undisputed women's middle weight champion. 

“On the second drop of Little Fighters, we wanted to include more champions to the collection, but also emphasize on little details that show some aspects of the character of each champion. By combining our art styles, we want to show our support for women's empowerment and equal rights in sports.

These female champions are training even harder and working non-stop each day to speak for all women and inspire them to do it too if they want to - women can do anything!

Breaking the stereotypes, these queens prove that hard work always pays off and gender has nothing to do with it! These lionesses roar and fight for all women worldwide, opening the road for any aspiring female boxer to make it to the top.”

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Unified featherweight world champion Amanda Serrano with her NFT - soon to be available exclusively on

Utilities of the Little Fighters

What truly makes this a unique collection is the utilities that come with it. When buying a Little Fighter NFT, you’re not only purchasing a brilliant collectible but also automatically participating in future giveaways of authentic memorabilia from the fighters of the collection. Keep a keen eye out on Tony & Tiana’s Instagram and Twitter for giveaways - some have already been lucky enough to pick up a framed autograph from Floyd Mayweather! 

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Screenshot of the last Little Fighter Giveaway - Authenticated framed & signed autograph of Floyd Mayweather

Who are Tony Nasa & Tiana? 

Tony from the United States and Tiana from Cyprus are connected by an “invisible thread” as they reside on opposite sides of the globe. They blend their styles and diverse palettes beautifully to bring you a consistent gallery featuring all your favorite fighters in a highly collectible NFT format. 

Tony Nasa is a renowned Pop Culture Visual Artist in the combat sports world. With his unique technique and creative eye, he has established himself as “the” artist of fighters. Creating canvas paintings and murals for all types of athletes and promoters is always an honor. Still, he finds his collaboration with various charities and organizations far more rewarding. We’re incredibly proud to be working closely with Tony as an enter ambassador. Visit Tony on, Twitter and Instagram.

Tiana is a Digital Artist and Illustrator that creates adorable versions of your childhood heroes from the innocent perspective of your inner child. She’s the creator of the immensely popular Cute Littles, as well as her Cute Nocturnal collection who’s been an instant hit. Tiana's immense passion for creating high-quality art and bringing artists together has put her on the map as one of the first enter ambassadors and for great reason - she is a creative force to be reckoned with! Visit Tiana on, Twitter and Instagram

Fasten your seatbelts for this next unique drop, as more of the foremost players in the boxing scene enter art...

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While you wait, make sure to check out the previous little fighter collections Exclusive Little Fighters and Platinum Little Fighters!

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