Weekly Update #13

Monday January 3

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 3RD JANUARY 2022

Happy New Year all you amazing Enterversarians!

It's a new year and we can assure you, in 2022 everything will be bigger and better than ever. Just wait and see.

📈 Milestones & stats

14000 users!

1965 artists!

600 000 sold NFTs!

22 000 subscribers on Reddit!

✔ Quality of life update

- Added “collaborations” tab
- Added possibility to remove collab NFTs from the profile
- Slightly rebuilt the create listing page.
- Bug fixes

🎬 Live stream with LuvCraft, Lucian Shye & Fotogra4fbar Saturday 8 pm CET

In the first enter community stream of 2022, the featured artists of enter.art meets enter.audio in a Live photoshoot, followed by a Live music and VJ performance by „Dorfschmidt//Gröhder“ presenting the EP „Music for MyOwnVerse Galleries Vol.1“. 

A stream by the community, for the community where you will have a chance to have a chat with the artists afterwards in a QA - Don’t miss out!

🐽 Calling Dibs on Defi 2.0

We’ve been teasing this for some time and this weekend we could finally announce a new Defi partnership where NFTart holders could stake their NFTart to earn very high APRs on a Defi 2.0 project called www.dibs.money

We made sure to do our due diligence on the team before vouching for them - and sure did they deliver. Dibs went to straight to $2M TVL and is still delivering up to 40% / day. We hope many NFTart holders were able to get some from the genesis pool and are using this opportunity for juicy APRs.

Future Dibs collabs

This launch was just the start of our planned collaboration. If dibs.money continues being successful we might extend our cooperation with them. Long term that could mean allowing their investors to spend their Dibs for art on Enter platforms. This would add new collectors and increase nft-art buybacks. It would also give artists an opportunity to stake their earnings and earn extremely high APR on their income.

🎄С Рождеством! (Merry Christmas (Again))

Christmas has come to Russia, and many of our developers are celebrating it with their families. Therefore our development team is operating with reduced capacity this week. We are aware that there are a few bugs on the platform and are working on resolving them as quickly as possible, despite our reduced capacity.

📖 Blog posts   

Fallen Apocalyptica gave us a deep dive into his expanding universe in this article:


If you are bitten by the DeFi bug, make sure to check in on enter.blog later this week as well for a blog article focused on Impermanent Loss.

✨ New featured artists






enter.help is back from the holidays, and you can expect bug reports, feedback, suggestions and proposals to be handled as per usual. Thank you for your patience and kind words the last couple of weeks- it’s been a pleasure being on holiday duty with you!


If you have a question you’d like addressed in the weekly updates, please direct them to our wonderful community team in Discord/Reddit or send a ticket to enter.help!

Q:When can we get insights regarding the Vault Buybacks? 
A:We will share more info regarding the Vault Buybacks and farming in the next Monday update 

Best wishes for a wonderful start to the new year

- The enter team!

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