Meet the artist: Fallen Apocalyptica

The main force behind Fallen Apocalyptica is taking us on a journey in this article, where he introduces us to his evolving universe exclusively created on Why are randomly generated NFTs so popular, and who are the Goreillaz everyone is raving about? Let’s have a look! logo
@enter.artPUBLISHED 29TH DECEMBER 2021

In this week's meet the artist, we are meeting with a very special artist that has taken the community by storm since he entered the launchpad in July. Since, they have built a stronghold on the platform, and we are honored to be working closely with Fallen Apocalyptica going into 2022. 

Today, the main force behind the project, Mario, invites us into an expanding universe we haven’t even started to grasp the contours of. With amazing avatars meeting in cinematic movies and a planned blockchain game, he is utilizing all the tools in the box to create a community experience like no other. 

And if you were ever curious as to exactly why randomly generated NFTs are increasing so dramatically in value and popularity, Mario is here to explain exactly that! 

Who is Fallen Apocalyptica? 

The Fallen Apocalyptica account launched a year ago. We were working non stop on creating awesome NFTs for personal use and clients. The main handler of the account is Mario, a Game Developer / Game Programmer with 7 years of experience working in the field. Helping on the team, is a 3D Artist/Animator, and a Digital Artist /3D artist / Illustrator. The team currently consists of two people, where Mario is running the account while the other member is a part of the decision making. 

Why did you start creating NFTs? 

As a guy who is working with the latest tech, like Oculus and Google on Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality apps and games, I was always fascinated by the new Web 3.0, the NFTs and how they would impact the future and the overall way we trade goods. NFTs are a way for everyone to make a good income. It’s an amazing feeling to just get out, to “free” yourself and your skills and just create. People become more curious as to what NFTs are and what the utility behind them is. I think NFTs are the future of trading and they came to stay. 

Can you explain how your NFTs are created? 

Goreillaz & Psycho Skulls are 3D Modeling Designs with rarities. The Goreillaz also have Facial Rigging, which was done for the purpose of future block-chain Games and Cinematic Animations.

The Psycho Skulls are exported with a json file showing their trait_type: “value” on their description. This way, collectors can navigate through their collection and find which one is most rare. 

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpgBilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Psycho Skull #44 available on / Shown on IPFS metadata

With 3D Randomly Generated NFTs ART & TECHNOLOGY, 3D Modelling & Programming is required to create the NFTs. What makes random generated NFTs more valuable and rare, is that NO ONE can create them again, not even manually: 

In the process of their creation, there is an algorithm that generates all possible futures to ever be available on a Goreilla. It generates a unique ID hash for each possibility and saves those IDs on a temp cache file which is destroyed at the end of the process while checking if the NFT is unique. The reason that the ID is getting destroyed and erased from existence is so that the NFTs never can be recreated ever again. This means that I can never recreate the same Goreilla from 001 to 500. The algorithm is so powerful that it can NOT be repeated ever again, making these 1/1 NFTs more unique & valuable. 

Both of the collections have rarities, but the Goreillaz rarities are hidden and will be revealed through the upcoming videos and games. 

Our cinematic mini movies are created with various technicalities such as: 3D Modelling, 3D Animation, Bone Rigging, Facial Rigging, Inverse Kinematics, Motion Graphics and Camera Processing Effects, Mocap Animations using live camera or tracksuit, as well as Level Design & Audio Design. 

The movies are created to give to the characters personalities and make them alive. It all started with “On The Road To Enter” which is the first Cinematic and not for sale. In that video, it shows the first appearance of all of them together on their road to Enter. There will be more cinematics in the future of their backstories as well. 

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Goreilla 204 - Available on (hidden rarity)

Has Enter helped you in any way? 

When we discovered and saw the potential of the platform, we knew Goreillaz found their home. The platform offers what no other platforms offer; A way to make artists more known, a strong community, the team that works non stop to make the best platform on BSC, low gas and transaction fees, ads and many more. It is the only platform that actually is there for the artists. 

When we listed them, the Goreillaz went viral and people’s love for the project

gave us the determination to elevate them, and make sure that the support will benefit them in the near future. There is more to them than just being an NFT avatar. They have life and purpose, and they all have personalities. That what people loved from the beginning 

The background of the collections

As most people know, there are 3 main characters in our collection. 

The Goreillaz : Gore - Illaz are all unique like their personalities. Some are artistic, sassy or gangsters, while some are serious; But they all want to be free and express themselves. The inspiration is from the gorillas, the most intelligent majestic animals in the animal kingdom. You can see a big scary gorilla, but in their eyes you can see so much more. When the Goreillaz was created we wanted people to feel that connection. 

The Psycho Skulls are what their name indicates. They don’t care about anything or what people think of them. They could be head banging to a heavy metal concert, or break dancing like no one is watching - they are extremely bold. That is exactly why they are skeletons, they indicate what is under our skin that we cannot hide 

The Ninjas are here and there and everywhere. They are there to spark the fuel between Goreillaz and Psycho Skulls, or unite them in truce. Their purpose has a more meaningful value in their stories. It is the inner power; The silent but powerful character. 

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

White Death Shinobi available on / from 1$ Profile Gifs - F.A Ninjas collection

3 different characters but all connected 
The collections are like a puzzle where all the pieces connected make a story
As time goes on we will reveal more of their backstory...

What are your plans for the future? 

Making the collections the most known project on the Binance Smart Chain, and profitable for all collectors. 

What’s next from Fallen Apocalyptica ? 

- You will soon have the chance to see a new cinematic video, the Goreillaz life story, in to the metaverse.

- The Goreillaz website. The website will include metamask implementation with all the 500 Goreillaz and the floor price at the current moment. It will show current owner and current price of the Goreilla # (number). In the future there will be merchandise available from action figures to T-Shirts, to Fedoras and Caps, same as the NFTs are.

- A blockchain game where the player can choose between one of the three characters; Goreilla, Psycho Skull & Ninja. The game is currently under concept development. More info will be revealed in the future.

Make sure to follow Fallen Apocalyptica on:

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