Weekly Update #39

Monday June 4

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 4TH JULY 2022

We’re finally getting back to it after parts of the team have been sick with covid the past week. It’s a new month and we have tons of exciting things coming up - but as we’re still regrouping to finish the latest ongoing development, this update will be a short one and you’ll find more updates on our social media and community channels throughout the week.

📈 Milestones & stats

18 000+ registered users on enter

✔ Development update

June 2022 highlights:

-Released an enter x platform on Avalanche 

-Multi-language enter.help - Spanish and Norwegian

-Participated in Norway’s largest festival ever

July happenings:

-enter.market release

-enter x release

-Developing metaverse festival area

-Building enterNFT.io

Metaverse festival update, published last week.

👥 Community development

It’s great to see everyone participating so much in voting and shilling these past few weeks. We’re still in the top 5 on Astrospace.io! Don’t forget to vote and share so we can stay at the top! 

Don’t forget to share your voting, as well as the best of your shilling, in the Discord server for a chance to be tipped some $NFTART tokens!

📖 Blog posts   
Last week enter.blog published an article about enter’s presence at Tons of Rock. Read it here and get the full picture of how enter introduced 80 000 metalheads to NFTs.


✨ Art Highlights

Gangzter Apez by Chano

"Audio Phunks Leak"Spark by Roger Cadiz

The Great Garden of Shambul by Luvcraft

Glaserne Spharen 018 by Fotogra4bar

News from the enterverse

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