Weekly Update #32

Monday May 16

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 16TH MAY 2022

GM frens of the enterverse! 👋


This week, we thought it would be nice to take a look at the road ahead for $NFTART and what will happen in the near future

  • Cross-chain to Avalanche
  • DeFi solutions including plans to grow the liquidity
  • DEX listing on Avalanche
  • New partnerships

✅ Company news

  • Last week enter participated as speakers at ICT & The Finance Sector of Norway’s NFT conference, check out some photos in Kim’s Twitter post:
  • enter merch store!
    New high quality merchandise is in progress and will be available for sale this summer. We’ll keep you updated on the progress and share some sneak peeks once the merch is finished in production. 

✔ Development update 

enter x:

- New partners being onboarded

- Tailoring enter x for brands & festivals

- Launching the first weeks of June.
- Collection promotion starting this week
- Designers working on promo videos and visuals

Sign up for exclusive updates on enter.market or submit your collection here:

enter.art & .audio:

- Goes multi-chain in June

- Save the dates 1st-3rd of July and stay tuned this week for more info about our upcoming Metaverse festival!

- enter.art exhibitions on festivals this summer

- We hosted our first ambassador meetup, kicking off the season this Saturday with ambassadors from 8 countries present! 

🗣Twitter spaces

Coming in 5 days with JPO and enter! We will be touching upon several interesting topics, like the direction of the NFT space and why we’re moving towards new chains. If you want to join the discussion or share your current NFT project, remember to set the date:

👥 Community development

We hope everyone enjoyed the team hangout today! enter.x logo leaked? If you missed it, feel free to scroll back in the chat on Discord!

You guys are killing it with the xp system! Let’s keep it going! Remember, you can come hang out in chat for double XP from 20:00-2:00 CET daily.

Head over to our Facebook group and enter our newest giveaway for a chance to win some $NFTART.

We are always looking for ways to improve our communities and make this space more enjoyable for everyone. What do you guys want to see? Let us know in #suggestions

🧠 enter.help update

The enter.help knowledge base is currently undergoing a translation to four new languages. We expect a full update of our whole knowledge base in the beginning of June. 

📖 Blog posts   

Last week was highly educational on enter.blog. We took a step back to review the history of NFTs - all the way from cryptation in the ancient times to NFTs today:

We also took a deep dive into the foundation of the crypto space, examining Layer One Blockchains and why scaling them is essential for the development of NFTs:

✨ Art Highlights

Bone Lion by Nikorn_sathuchat

Pink Armor by Mettoz

NYMPH by Laura_annya

Traditional art by Cedricdebled

Over #8 by Qesimart

News from the enterverse

Wondering what the state of the enterverse is? Here you can stay up to date on the latest developments and news from enter.

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Weekly update #4

Monday November 01


enterNFT merch store: all you need to know

2023 started with a bang, with the launch of the brand new enter merch store. Find out all you need to know about the items, designs and materials so you’re ready to hop on our current free shipping offer!


Weekly Update #44

Monday August 8