Community Newsletter #14 - November 2023

This month we’re excited to see the return of campaign-based Zealy boards, a new art contest to tickle the senses, and a community based X-space. This newsletter keeps you up to date on all the incoming activities in the enterverse. logo

As we move past Uptober and into No-Sell-November it's time for a fresh Community Newsletter! As different aspects of Project Symbiosis go live, the events in our community reflect, celebrate, and spread the word. With the launch of $ENTER, we had a Zealy sprint, with folks completing simple and fun tasks that not only won them some fab merch and other prizes but also helped broadcast the news to the world of web3.

Let’s take a quick look at the events in October and dig into what November has in store for us.

🏃‍♂️ Zealy Sprint

The campaign-style quest boards in our community saw its first run with the launch of the $ENTER token. Since these are based on specific releases in the enterverse the competition and excitement are more intense with only a few days to score some of that sweet XP and make your way to the top. The one in October was live for a week and celebrated phase one in Project Symbiosis which was the launch of $ENTER.

We'll see more of these campaign-style boards in the coming months, and we’ll go over the one in November in just a little bit.

🎃 Halloweekend

Halloween in our community has been a time for some freaky fun with the legendary trick-or-treat contest bringing the fam together for an emoji hunt. This year, we spiced it up with a weekend-long contest with fab prizes. We had a Halloween-themed art contest where we saw many of you summoning the spooky spirits to create otherworldly art.

Over the weekend, folks also had the chance to share their Halloween costumes and creations for the year or their favourite ones from the past and stood a chance to win some juicy Discord Nitro to freak up their Discord accounts.

Another contest that we had was an AI art contest with the theme PUMPkin. We love crypto, and we love Halloween. So why not combine these to create fun, spooky, humorous art? That’s exactly what PUMPkin was about, with the best entries taking home Nitro. 

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

AI art contest submission "PUMPkin" by Luvcraft 

Trick-or-Treat is the highlight of any Halloween, and it’s no different in the enterverse! As has become the tradition, the enter team hid some delicious treats in the form of emojis deep in our server after which we began our hunt for the tastiest of treats. With 5 incredible NFTs, merch, and $ENTER as the spoils, this one was definitely one for the books!

As we enter November, let’s keep the hype going with some fresh new activities:

💬 Twitter(X) Space

We all had a great time hanging out on our last few Twitter Spaces, and we'd love to it it more often! Connecting and exchanging ideas over an X hangout is always a blast, especially in the company of old and new frens alike. The topic of the space will be loosely defined to be about art and our explorations of all things NFT. Whether it be your personal journey as an artist or the medium that you use to express yourself, you’re welcome to hop on board and converse with like-minded frens.

We're also opening the floor to chat about our favorite collections in the enterverse and even the gems that are hidden!

So mark your calendars for the 17th at 16:00 UTC. Let’s hang!

🎨 Art Contest

We'd love to see more art being celebrated on our server, and we're excited to host an art contest where the brilliant artists in our community can come together to express their unique visions. With the freedom over the style and medium, it will be a lot of fun to see what we come up with! The contest will start on the 24th of November and will go on over the weekend, with the winner being announced on the 27th. More details on the topic and the prizes will be announced closer to the contest.

🗺 Zealy Campaign

As mentioned, you can expect a fresh new quest campaign in November. As more aspects of Project Symbiosis go live, we’ll have a Zealy board to celebrate and spread the word about the upcoming releases. This month’s quest will be a sprint that will last for two weeks in total. Get your questing gear ready and make it to the top of the leaderboard while completing tasks that help promote the news about $ENTER and veENTER while having the chance to win some juicy prizes.

🤝 Community Collaborations

A strong, supportive global community of NFT enthusiasts is one of the awesome perks in the enterverse, and featured artists can leverage that to spread the word about their work, and upcoming projects. A live stream to announce a new NFT collection, or a workshop to share skills for example, are great ways to not just hang out with the community but also to promote your work. Any featured artist can plan a community event and benefit from the amazing community in the enterverse

Get in touch with our Artist Team to plan any events that will help you spread the word about your work!

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