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@enter.artPUBLISHED 23RD OCTOBER 2021

With, we aim not only to educate, but to inspire people to observe and create amazing art and music. This week we're diving into the world of techno and are meeting the prolific duo Flembaz, who have been taking the European techno scene on a musical journey for the last many years.

Flembaz is the electronic music duo from Portugal composed of João Bandarra and Pedro Artur.

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Pedro and João are both experienced producers, who have been producing music since 2011. They have released EPs and albums mostly under their label Blind Arc, but also in other respected labels of the genre such as:

Traum Schallplatten
Horns and Hoofs Entertainment
Techgnosis Records
Digital Diamonds

Flembaz produce experimental electronic music ranging from techno to progressive with an organic, progressive and minimal twist. Even though they believe that all genres has it's charm, electronic has been a big part of their musical journey as a duo.

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Their inspiration comes from traveling the world, meeting new people, making crowds dance and having fun with their music.

'Tripalle', their most popular album, is now available on The duo are now planning to dive deeper into the space and release more of their previous and upcoming music as NFTs.

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We recently had a chat with Flembaz to introduce them to and hear a bit about their journey. Keep reading to get an insight into the minds of two musicians with a strong connection to experimental and playful soundscapes.

How long have you been producing music and  how did you get into it? 

I grew up listening to all kinds of different music that my older brother played. It’s funny, because now that I think about it I never really listened to much techno, trance or club music. He had an old Pentium computer and he installed me some sequencing software when I was 10 or 11 years old around 2001. - João

I started to be interested in music production when I was 15 years old, so I began to dig for all kinds of music, always trying to find the best sample to use on my home demos. With that process, I was lucky to become very open and not being closed in just one genre. To name a few artists that I remember now, I would say Tool, Amon Tobin, Suicide Silence, OutKast, and Rob Dougan. I will give a special mention to Antix and Solid Snake; they inspired me to start to get into the 4/4. - Pedro

What genre is your favourite to produce?

Every genre has it's charm but I have the most fun with experimental electronic music and can get lost for hours just making noises. -João 

All genres can be explored and be fun to produce but as João said, freestyle experimental music with no boundaries takes the cake. -Pedro

When asked what they love about making music and what inspires them, the answer is clear:

Making music or creating art and other stuff is just really fun. A good motivation is to share this fun playing my music to a crowd and make people dance. - João 

Travel the world… meeting new people. Making people dance and have fun with our music is an excellent feeling. - Pedro 

We'd love to hear about some of your most memorable live gigs!

Our most memorable would probably be Chillout Planet Festival in Russia. It was our first international booking. We were not very into this scene at that time - making different genres of music, so experiencing a psychedelic gathering in a Russian forest was very fun. We also played a 3h live set, which was very challenging at the time for us. - João

Noisily deserves a spot on it; it was a super experience, we loved the crowd and the organisation. And yes Boom Festival, of course, beautiful scenery at our doorstep since it is organised in Portugal. Have only the best memories from there. - Pedro

Pedro from Flembaz on NFTs and

"NFTs connected to the music as an art form and to it's industry could be the new digital Vinyl-era and be an new opportunity for artists like us, who enjoy making music more than making Instagram posts. We already had the idea of releasing new and original music exclusively on the NFT format, and we tried different marketplaces in the past; still, I didn't encounter any that fit the music industry specifically, so we have been delaying this release until now. seems to solve this gap and the future is bright"

Take a look and listen to their previous releases below.
With 4 albums, 8 EPs and numerous singles behind them, they have many hours of music to enjoy.



Indigo - ‎Blind Arc 2012
Tripalle - Blind Arc 2014
Caruma - Blind Arc 2015
Coice & Foice - Blind Arc 2016

Singles & EPs

Cafe EP - Bonzai Progressive
Magic Mint - Blind Arc
Baryon EP ‎- Micro Digital Records
Prompt EP ‎- Blind Arc
Wild Horse - Blind Arc
Alicanto EP - Horns And Hoofs Entertainment
Aquele - ‎Techgnosis Records
Barking Soda ‎- Blind Arc
Illegal Arts EP - Digital Diamonds

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