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One of our main missions with the enter blog is to share stories of the journey we are on, and showcase all the amazing artists we meet on our way. As we have mentioned in AMAs before, enter has really been a work of synchronicities and destiny. From how we stumbled upon a developer team that unknowingly had built the perfect backend to our marketplaces, to how our amazing marketing team contacted us out of nowhere after finding $NFTART. 

One of our favourite stories is the one revolving around how the brilliant artist Henry Blache ended up on A story that started when we launched the Beta, and ‘till this day has only just begun.

Henry Blache / SAX is a talented multifaceted artist from France. He’s an experienced and dedicated person with an eye for detail not many others have. Henry has been making and exhibiting his art for years already, and SAX is now dropping his first ever NFT collection exclusively on

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The way Henry and enter first crossed paths was for sure not the best, but has ended in a beautiful success story. Now that he is live on enter with his works, especially created for the NFT space, it is time for us to take you on a trip down memory lane to the early Beta days.

Back in June, we received an application for the Beta from a guy claiming to be Henry Blache. We instantly fell in love with his art, and knew he was just the kind of artist we would like to host on enter. The guy who contacted us had created a fake website and impostor Instagram, while trying to sell art on enter and other NFT platforms. The impostor was able to trick our fairly new verification system, and got around to mint about 10 NFTs before he was taken down. Some of them sold for a few hundred dollars and were put up for resale at even higher $ amounts. 

Luckily one of Henry’s followers saw the NFTs rather quickly, and contacted both Henry and us to make us aware of the fake account. We instantly blocked the NFTs and reached out to both the scammer and the real Henry to figure out the best possible solution for all parties involved.  

Henry was very friendly and understanding from the start, and a big help in the situation as a whole. We explained to him how we took the case very seriously, and that enter would refund all the buyers to show respect towards him and his fans, as well as block the scammer from ever creating NFTs on enter again. If you ever wondered about our unusually strict verification process.. Well, this is why!

After a longer ongoing conversation with language barriers, our head of development Simon offered to jump on a call with Henry in his native language French. That call turned the tables, and it is our absolute pleasure to finally be able to feature the real Henry Blache, who is eager to start his NFT journey and present his art in the crypto space for real. Destiny has a funny way to turn things around!

So without further ado, we are very proud to present the REAL Henry Blache on!

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Check out SAX - Henry Blache NFTs on  HERE

20 handmade and digitally enhanced paintings will be available as NFTs.

Each artwork is unique and a mix of traditional painting and digital art.

Expect intricate and detailed NFTs in Henry’s original and creative style! Glitch art, pixel art or vaporwave.



Henry Blache, alias Sax, is a French Street Artist from south of France based in Paris.

His splashing animal paintings with flashy colors quickly caught peoples’ attention. His artworks brought a fresh environmental warning concerning the endangered species situation all around the world. 

Born in Provence in 1995, he grew up close to nature, and takes his inspiration from the colors and the wealthiness of the landscapes he lived in.

His instinctive and spontaneous pictorial technique is based on several principles of Chinese painting style Xieyi, favoring the expressions of feelings and emotions.

By integrating graffitis to his artworks, he creates various reading levels, those create calligram effects, enhancing the idea that “each of these animal species are often left abandoned, like old buildings”.

Watercolor, ink, acrylic or aerosol painting are among the various materials he uses to enhance the intensity of the emotions of his paintings.

The spontaneity and accuracy of his work is clearly visible during the “Live Painting” he realizes for events in France and overseas.  

As a complete artist, he also composes music and realize short movies. The French media Konbini called him “le maître du twist” (the twist master) for his movie “Allô”. He also won in 2016 the Jury’s Grand Prize at the BeGreen Film Festival (COP21) for his video clip Freestyle.

Expositions / exhibitions


  • Sax au Lavo//Matik : Solo Show/ Lavomatik-arts urbains – Paris, France

  • Correspondance(s) : Collective / Le cabinet d’amateur – Paris, France

  • Dans les rues de Paris : Collective / Galerie Sakura – Paris, France


  • Urban Wildlife : Solo Show / Galerie Roussard / Young Artists Montmartre – Paris, France

  • Sax à L’Européen : Solo Show / Théâtre L’européen – Paris, France

  • Emotions sauvages : Solo Show / Le cabinet d’amateur – Paris, France


  • Cent par cent : Collective / Young Artists Montmartre – Paris, France

  • Locomotion : Collective / Lavomatik-arts urbains – Paris, France

  • Street Art Miniature : Collective / Le cabinet d’amateur – Paris, France

  • Bestiario : Solo show / Le cabinet d’amateur – Paris, France


  • Superorganismes : Solo Show / Galerie L’innatendue – Paris, France

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

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