Introducing the enterverse festival

We are immensely proud to finally reveal what we have been working on behind the scenes - The enterverse festival. This article covers all the details on what to expect in the very first enter metaverse experience coming to your screen this summer! logo
@enter.artPUBLISHED 1ST JUNE 2022

Ever since we launched enter back in spring 2021, an enter festival has been on everybody’s lips. With the creative community of enter and the vision to bring creators together from across the globe, we all knew it was coming - it has simply been a question of where and when. Of course, planning a festival for a global audience in the midst of a pandemic is (close to) impossible, and for a while, we feared it might take years to pull off a gathering which would be inclusive for all enter creators. 

Now, we are immensely proud to finally reveal what we have been working on behind the scenes for a long time. Built on the idea of and in close collaboration with two of our amazing ambassadors - Mario aka Fallen_apocalyptica & Tiana. Countless hours have been spent brainstorming, building, and optimizing, and the time has finally come to give you a little teaser of what you can expect when you step into the enterverse festival during the first weekend of July, marking the one year anniversary of the official launch of!

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Let’s take a look at the experience!

The enterverse festival is an immersive metaverse experience, designed to offer anything you expect from a real-world festival, and much more. Hosted on our very own enterverse island built to boost the enter experience, you will find a broad range of activities tailored to every part of the amazing enter community. 

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This is where you can meet the creators behind your favorite NFTs, connect with your collectors, experience your first concert in the metaverse and gain some new knowledge through diverse educational talks from interesting people in the art, crypto, and NFT space. If you’re curious about what enter is all about, this is an event you don’t want to miss! Next to all the amazing enter inhabitants, the whole enter team will of course be present to have a chat, and you might see a couple of us up on the speaker stage too. 

When and where?

The enterverse festival is hosted on our own server and domain - From there, visitors can simply jump straight into the festival space - no ticket or whitelisting is required. The experience is keyboard and mouse compatible to ensure a top-quality experience for all users. Ergo, the only things you need to bring along are your wallet to shop with and good vibes!

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Areas and activities 

Artist booths

The heart of enter and our festival is of course all of our amazing creators! In the artist area, you will find tons of artist booths, populated with the creators’ favorite gems. Browse brilliant artworks, hear exciting new tunes, and get to know the creators while you shop NFTs directly on site!

Ambassador areas / Fun zone

In the Ambassador areas, you will be able to step into the minds of the enter ambassadors, in each of their individual spaces. Here you will find a great variety of audio/visual experiences, and maybe some surprises, as the ambassadors have gotten the go signal to go crazy with their spaces!

Main Stage

What’s a festival without the main stage? Enjoy live music from your favorite musicians from and beyond, and let your avatar shake it out on the dancefloor. Line-up will be announced as we’re closing in on the event. Want to play on the main stage? Remember to apply here!

Educational area 

In the educational area, you will find all the resources needed to understand the basics of NFTs, the journey of enter, and learning materials for the crypto curious in theme-based museums.

Here you will also find a speaker area with a program consisting of a broad variety of topics and inspirational people. Want to contribute to the speaker area with a topic or workshop? Remember to apply here!


Every festival needs a market, and we are no different! In the bazaar area, you will find digital merchandise and NFTs from collections available on our upcoming

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We’re immensely excited to meet you all in a new setting where creativity, crypto, and the NFT space come together at the enterverse festival. Make sure to watch out for more information, sneak peeks, and line-ups on our social media as we’re closing in on the one-year anniversary celebration of

Catch you on the flipside!🥳🏝

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