Weekly Update #18

Monday February 7

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Artworks in header by @qesimart, @luisricardo, @luvcraft & @tuwaras

Hello everyone 👋
It is time for another weekly update from the enterverse, let's get to it!

🏦 MEXC - NFTART exchange listing 

Saturday's listing on MEXC was a success! The trading volume reached $700 000 in the first 24 hours. The NFTART token is now exposed to a whole new user base, and is more available to purchase than ever. Give a warm welcome to all the new hodlers!

This week we will be hosting a staking/mining event in cooperation with MEXC on their MX DeFi section.

MX Defi events bring in traffic and liquidity from MEXC users who participate, and at the same time gain exposure and attention from the MEXC users community. It also adds thousands of new holders for NFTART. Users can stake their MX and NFTART to earn a liquidity yield of NFTART over 3 days. There will be a total of 90 trillion NFTART up for grabs! 

📈 Milestones & stats

  • We have grown to more than 36 500 members in our Discord community.
  • @enterNFT Twitter mentions are up 90% over the last month.
  • More than 20 000 unique NFTs are now listed for sale on the enter platforms.
  • 633 700+ NFTs sold in total.

✔ Development update 

Over the past week we have been working on optimizing enter X to be able to scale and deliver branded NFT marketplaces to customers and partners in a fast and streamlined manner.

Currently we are working on implementing the burn NFT feature that has been long awaited, as well as displaying sales of multi-minted NFTs in the sold sections. Unless something else comes up, this update is estimated to go live around the 21st of February.

👥 Community development

This week we’re working on improving our Telegram group. We’ll be changing the name and cover image to better suit the growing enterverse and add additional bot commands to make it easier for users to get information. 

📖 Blog posts   

Last week’s blog on NFT culture is an interesting read that every NFT enthusiast should have a look at: https://www.enter.blog/@enter/nft-culture

✨ Collection Highlights

  • Kings by @Qesim_art
  • Cyber Witches by @Mettoz
  • Song Visions by @enteroutpostgermany - an evolving collection where a new set of ten cards is revealed each week, live on Discord, with visual interpretations of songs from different time periods. 
  • Nocturnal by @Tiana, new featured artist & co-creator of Little Fighters
  • @lorenostrander is also new in the Featured gallery. Make sure to check out his amazing 3D renders!

Best wishes, 
enter team

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