Community Newsletter #15 - December 2023

The holiday season is closing in, and we’re thrilled to reveal some of the plans in store for the enter community in December! More art contests, community spaces, and giveaways are all on the menu. Did anyone say Secret Santa? logo

November was a bustling month in the enterverse with several key Project Symbiosis releases, and to celebrate, we kicked off a two-week-long quest board that helped spread the buzz to the NFT community! We also had a lovely Space on X, and ended this month’s activities with a colorful Art Contest generating brilliant artwork from the enter artist community. Let’s look back at the activities for November before we dive into the plans for December so that we’re all set to keep the party going.

🗺 $ENTER Quest

November’s quest campaign designed around the recent $ENTER releases was an absolute blast! The tasks helped spread the word about multichain $ENTER and the new native bridge. The launch of the new governance forum, the governance process, as well as the decentralized ENTER protocol were all woven into this quest board so that everyone could learn the hoops from the get-go. 

Quests are the web3 way of spreading the word where the community not only comes together to achieve this in a fun manner but also gets rewarded for doing so. A big shout-out to the winners of the $ENTER Quest Campaign who took home some juicy rewards including fab merch and $ENTER tokens. A massive thank you to everyone who joined in on the quest and helped spread the word to the crypto community, we appreciate you immensely!

🎙 X Space

The Community Hangout we had over Spaces in November was good fun, where we discovered a bit more about each other’s journeys into NFTs and crypto, and what got us all hooked in the first place. It was fantastic to see that many of us share the brilliant principles put forward by NFTs and how it enables creators as well as their audience a more direct approach to ownership, monetization, and community building.
As we all enjoy hanging out in Spaces a lot, we’d love to keep doing these monthly, so we’ll kick off a new one in December; More on that in a little bit.

🎭 Art Contest - Symmetry in Nature

Celebrating art, especially in our diverse community where some of the most amazing artists in the NFT space reside, feels more natural than any place else. The art contest we hosted in November was themed “Symmetry in Nature” and celebrated art in all forms, whether it be visual, written, or even audio-based. We saw some amazing entries from the magicians of enterverse, making it no easy task to pick a winner… The winner, Checkmate, took it all the way home with his slick 3D skills and conjured up a skeleton to explore the symmetry found within it. The cherry on the top was the beautiful poem that accompanied the work, exploring both the visual and the written in one entry. 

🎄 Holiday Fun in December 🎄

As we head into the holiday season to welcome the coming New Year, we have a host of activities planned to spread joy and connect as a community. Here's an overview of what's going down in December: 

🎅 Secret Santa NFT edition

In this festive season of gifting and sharing, what better way to celebrate than to gift NFTs?

In our version of Secret Santa, we’re creating a pool where you can gift an NFT you created or collected, and receive a different NFT from the pool in return. To participate, you have to gift the NFT of your choice to the Secret Santa account on by 23rd December at 9 AM UTC. All participants will receive a surprise gift from the pool of collected NFTs. The account will be open for gifts from December 9th. 

🕹 Holiday Game Night

A big part of any holiday is the time we spend with our friends and loved ones. To mark the occasion, we’ve planned for an evening of fun games and hanging out in our Discord on the 27th of December. So let’s hop on over to the Voice Chat in the enterNFT Discord, and hang loose as we spend the evening playing fun games and chatting about our plans for the year ahead. 

🎁 Christmas Giveaway

In the spirit of the season, we also have an NFT giveaway coming up this month, where everyone can stand a chance to win an NFT from some of the amazing artists in the enterverse! Look out for the post on X that will go live on the 24th of December with all the details on how to participate in the giveaway.

🎨 Art Contest: Back to the Roots - New Horizons

After the success of last month’s art contest, we’ll keep the ball rolling with another one this month to celebrate wonderful art and the amazing creators behind it. This time the theme is “Back to the Roots” where we explore artistic expressions without the use of computer technology. As we approach the start of a new year with great things to look ahead to, the inspirational theme for this one is “New Horizons”

Let’s celebrate traditional art and its unique aesthetics with the contest month. Keep an eye out for the details; We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

🤝 Community X Space

During our latest Space, it became evident that we need to do these hangouts more often. In November’s space, we all touched base and shared how we got into NFTs and what made us stay during the heavier months of the bear market. This month we’d love to shift focus; December is a wonderful opportunity to get together and spread the season’s joy! Join us to have a chat about your latest collection, NFTs you’re currently eyeing, collaborations you’d like to do, or even how you’re spending the festive season.

The next X space will be held on Friday the 29th of December at 4 PM UTC. Make sure to save the date and set your reminders!

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