Weekly update #5

Monday November 08

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Hello everyone! 

As we’re planning to share a longer update next week that will go more in depth on the development side of enter and what’s coming next, this week’s announcement will be a slightly shorter one. There’s still plenty of exciting things going on behind the scenes. Some are very big and thrilling, while some are regular maintenance and bug fixes that we do on a daily basis.

From onboarding notable artists and ambassadors, to creating quality educational material and doing internal testing of multi currencies on our platforms, there’s many things we have been working on that soon will be visible to the public.

🎯 Targeted ad campaign update

As previously announced, we are increasing our presence across social media like Instagram and Facebook with our ongoing ad campaign. Last week our targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram reached over 400k new people! 

We’re now initiating several strategies to optimise conversion. You may have noticed one of these; the Enter Helper is now present in the comment section of all our Paid Ads. From now on, you can expect a present team dedicated to guiding anyone touching in on the enterverse for the first time in the right direction. 

🔦 SEO Optimisation

A specialist will be performing further Search Engine Optimisation on all of our pages. This will increase our visibility in google search results and lay a solid foundation for our inbound marketing.

♻️ Referral Program
We are finally ready to introduce our new Referral Program. The referral program will allow Featured Artists to invite fellow artists into the enter featured section, opening the doors for a different kind of curation. Invitations to be a part of the program will go live already next week, and we can’t wait to welcome the new faces to enter!

🤹 Ambassador program
We are introducing the enter ambassador program, and you will get the chance to take part in it! ( Super short term ) 

enter ambassadors are our community partners that support the ecosystem and get support from enter. 

We share our resources and help our ambassadors to make promotional events, exhibitions and tailored concepts representing enter. Our ambassadors will also help create engagement and awareness for enter by creating incentives and programs for our community. They will be able to part take in bounty programs, receive merchandise, be invited to exclusive events as well as get a chance to receive rewards for their work. We will be prioritising submissions from people in the fields of music, art, technology, marketing, writing, charity, community work, blockchain and gaming, but anyone is welcome to apply! 

🙋‍♀️ Expanding our team

The enterverse continues to grow fast, and with that we are in need of growing our team as well. We have already expanded our operations team and presented you some new people, and now you will get to meet some additional faces on both the development, artist and operation side in the coming weeks as well.

📈 Community stats

  • The NFTART token grew by more than 4000 new holders in the past week
  • The official enterNFT Twitter page got more than 2000 new followers
  • Our Discord community grew by 2000 members

Stay updated on everything going on in the enterverse throughout the week on our official Twitter page and in our communities. 🙌

All the best from the enter team!

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