Community Newsletter #13 - October 2023

October has officially hit the enterverse, and we’re celebrating one of our favourite holidays aka Halloween with some fun community activities. Let’s brush up on all the deets of what went down in September, and what to expect this month in the enterverse. logo
@enter.artPUBLISHED 6TH OCTOBER 2023

September was an important milestone month in the evolution of the enterverse. We took the first step towards a decentralized enter protocol with the launch of $ENTER. The events in our community ushered in the new paradigm while celebrating and spreading knowledge to the fam about governance on the blockchain and how this would transform the enter protocol as we know it today.

Last month we saw the introduction of a quest campaign, an exclusive Telegram event, new roles on the Discord server, and more. This month, as we get closer to Halloween, we have a few exciting community activities on the table so that we can celebrate together. Let’s dive into the details! 

 🗺 $ENTER-focused Zealy Board 

As promised, we saw a new Zealy board in September with some swag enter merch and Discord Nitro being claimed by the winners. The tasks focused on the launch of $ENTER and the corresponding events that followed. With this quest campaign running for just one week, the questers had to race to the top while completing tasks that spread the word about the launch, as well as inviting frens to the enterverse.

While we as a community love to share the updates in the enter protocol to the world of web3, the quests add in the element of competition making it more exciting, especially when done alongside frens! Keep an eye out for more campaigns in the future, and don’t forget to keep your notifications turned on, or you might be too late to the party.

🎁 Nitro Giveaways (past and continuing)

We had an impromptu Discord Nitro giveaway on our server this month. 3 lucky winners scored one month’s Nitro by participating. Giveaways like these are one of the perks of being part of our community! We love celebrating our community and Nitro giveaways are just one of the ways we choose to do it. 

You’ll be seeing more such unannounced giveaways in the future, and the only way to get to know about them is to keep your notifications on and get pinged at the start of the event!

🎃 Halloween Shenanigans

As is tradition for Octobers in the enterverse, we’re excited to kick off some Halloween shenanigans in the community this month! We love celebrating fun and creative holidays with you guys, and there will be quite a few fun activities to enjoy with your enter frens this year as well.

You can expect a mix of creatively tuned activities, a good old Trick or Treat, and on the topic of Nitro giveaways, you might want to keep an eye out for random drops throughout the Halloweekend! 

On X, a Halloween-focused art competition will be announced later this month, where a select few works will be chosen for celebrating Halloween the 31st on the enterNFT handle. A great opportunity to get creative and gain some extra eyes on your darker art pieces. 

Stay tuned in our social media and in the Discord community to stay on top of when the Halloweekend activities go live 👻 

🧑‍🎨 Newsletter Header Highlights

In the spirit of Halloween, this month's Newsletter Header is sprinkled with some of the Halloween-inspired NFTs that can be found on Just like we have a community tradition of Halloween activities, there has also evolved a tradition amongst the enter artist community to create spooky, fun, and some pretty dark art this time of year. If you're looking to fetch yourself some pumpkins, ghosts, or just downright dark NFTs, you know where to find them! Here's an overview of this month's highlighted NFTs: 

🕹 Game Nights

Game Nights are always a fun event to look forward to, as we all get to hang out and get to know each other better. In September, we hosted two game nights. The best Game Nights are when we have several folks hanging out on voice and gaming away! We now run a poll to pick a game a few days before the Game Night, so you could suggest the games you enjoy playing with the community!

Let’s continue the shenanigans in October and play some fun games. Keep an eye out for the dates and the poll for the game that goes up a few days before the Game Night!

🤝 Enter X Community 

If you haven’t seen it yet, we now have an enter community on X (Twitter). With most of the crypto community being highly active on X, this is the perfect space to find and share web3 news, NFTs, personal experiences in crypto, opinions, analysis, and more! Keep yourself in the loop while you’re on X and join the enter X community! This can be seen as an extension of our community offering everyone a new space to connect with new and old frens alike. We'd like to encourage everyone to jump on board to share your passions, opinions, and thoughts to kick off the vibrant vibes we know and love from our community over to X. ➡️ Join the community here 

💬 Highlights from the Telegram Team Chat

September saw a special and exclusive Telegram event! Our community on Telegram got to hang out with the Team and ask questions, put forth suggestions, and also get some alpha regarding the enterverse. Be sure to join our official groups if you would like to catch some exclusive alpha.

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

🔥 $ENTER Roles in Discord

For those of you who joined in on the Zealy sprint, you might already be familiar with the two new roles added to our Discord server. We now have two new roles, the ‘$ENTER Hodler’ which is unlocked by holding at least 500 $ENTER, and the ‘$ENTER Whale’ role which is unlocked by holding at least 10,000 $ENTER. 

Get yourself the swag new roles in the server - It's just a few steps if you hold the required amount of tokens. And who knows, the roles could be used for gated access to exclusive experiences in the future too!

Join the fun - LFG! 🎉

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