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@enter.artPUBLISHED 21ST JULY 2021

Our goal for this blog is to bring you the latest news from our company and educate you on NFTs, blockchain and everything crypto, as well as promote the wonderful art and artists on enter.art.

If you: 

·        Are wondering what we’re up to at enter
·        Want to keep up to date on platform development
·        Are searching for “How To’s” 
·        Are on the lookout for the next big NFT artist
·        Are curious about the people behind enter
·        Want to learn more about crypto security

…then you’re in the right place!

Make sure to add enter.blog to your bookmarks, blogroll or whatever you use to stay updated, and we’ll make sure to bring you interesting news, articles and information.

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Release Notes - August 11th, 2021

The recent update to enter.art introduces a range of new features - from direct messaging to improvements to profile statistics.