Weekly Update week #31

Monday May 9

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 9TH MAY 2022

Hi everyone! 👋 

Let’s get straight to it, we know what you are waiting for! After doing lots of testing of the features we want to implement for enter.market, and many meetings and talks with our development team and partners about the best possible launch strategy, we are finally ready to release enter.market in the first half of June. 

More than 500 people have already signed up to be notified before and when enter.market launches. Make sure to sign up at enter.market to receive exclusive updates and news towards the launch.


The NFTART/BNB Farm on dibs.money has been extended, and we also have a new pool. 

Go to dibs.money to get started, or check out this blog post covering the topic of Staking and Farming with Dibs.Money.

✅ Company news

Tomorrow enter will be taking part in the conference “Fra krypto til kunst/ From crypto to art” hosted by The Finance Sector Union of Norway & ICT Norway: https://www.finansforbundet.no/arrangement/fra-krypto-til-kunst-blokkjedeteknologi/

✔ Development update 

enter.art & .audio:

We are working on implementing some new features that will be released in the next platform update.

-Make 4 columns (instead of 3) for NFTs on all screen resolutions above 1366px
-Possibility for user to crop image for preview when creating an NFT
-Adding different email notification settings for users

👥 Community development

Everyone loves the new XP system on Discord! This week, we’re giving away the first prizes to users who’ve managed to level up by positively contributing to the community. After that, we’ll reset everyone’s level, and the actual competition can begin!

Join the race to level 33 to earn 333Bn $NFTART, unlock new server roles(!!!), and earn other prizes as you hit milestones along the way.

Did you know we have a Facebook group? Keep an eye on the group for a chance to win some additional tokens later this week. 

📖 Blog posts   

Last week, enter.blog took a closer look at the most essential token metrics, how to read them and what to look for when evaluating new tokens:

We’re excited to soon expand enter.help with several new languages, and to invite our Spanish, French, German and Scandinavian speaking frens to have a chat in Discord. Get all the details of the new expansion of enter.help and community below:

✨ Art Highlights

A historical NFT was minted on enter.art this weekend by Tony Nasa. The finale painting of the recent match between Katie Tailor and Amanda Serrano has been signed by the fighters, as well as Eddie Hearn and Jake Paul, and can now be bought exclusively on enter.art (physical painting included). Check it out here!

Endangered Smiles by JP_Marasigan

Charcools by Tasagraf

Retro by Cedricdebled

Fulfillment - A Love Letter To Human Anatomy by Skullartbasuru

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Weekly Update #44

Monday August 8


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