Weekly update #9

Monday December 06

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Dear enterverse, Time for the weekly update!

Super short term:

📖 Gitbook
We’re releasing our Gitbook which will include:

- A list of implemented and upcoming features.
- Roadmap with planned, in progress and completed milestones.
- Vision & values.

👥 Company page
Our company page will be updated and will include multiple new team members. We look forward to introduce you to some new amazing people! 

🫂 enter.help
enter.help will be updated with a new and more user friendly design!

🔧 Change of wording and logic 
The wording and logic on the tabs “NFTs & owned” on the artist profiles for all our platforms will be upgraded.

There will be many minor but important changes in the logic / user experience perspective of our platforms. From editions available, to how collaborations are displayed we are working on many fixes at the moment.

Our first batch of exclusive t-shirts & hoodies has arrived, be on the lookout for enter.art & enter.audio merch. 

We introduced our new blog artist interview series featuring Robert Hunt (Radioactive Cake) meeting and interviewing other artists in the enterverse. The previous week he met Mirror | Me, and Hinsktep is up for next week.

We have also collaborated with an amazing artist from Iran who has been into blockchain and NFT technology since 2015 on another interesting artist interview- This article will be covering NFTs, free thinking and trading from a different perspective than usual. Other topics that will be covered in the coming time are ‘common crypto scams’, ‘marketing NFTs’ and ‘swapping on BSC.’

Our blog submissions are still up and running and we are taking submissions on the topics of Crypto Security, NFTs, Blockchain, Art, Music, DeFi, Guides & Technology. Submit your article through https://www.enter.blog/@enter/blog-submissions

🖼 Artist referral program
The first artists are being invited through our artist referral program!

🧑‍🎨 Ambassador program
The first official enter ambassadors are preparing to spread the word about enter through their incentives. We will present the ambassadors continuously and promote their activities in our social media.

🎯 Targeted ad campaign update
Last week we opened the mid-funnel for our Paid Ads campaign on Facebook and Instagram. The mid-funnel targets people who were not converted in the top-funnel with educational videos on NFTs and enter.art.

This week we are expanding our Paid Ads campaign to other channels. Keep an eye out for new adsets on Twitter and YouTube, and don’t forget to like and re-post the ads to help spread the word.

🎁 Gifting NFTs
The feature for gifting NFTs will be released!

🔥 Burning NFTs
Creators will be able to burn unwanted NFTs out of existence. 

🗣 AMA / Talks
We’re planning to kick off the new year with a talk including some of our team members, partners, and artists to announce some of the projects and incentives we have planned for 2022. 

🗳New Governance Vote
Now that BNB and BUSD sales are up and running our vaults are starting to collect fees. This means we will have to decide how to spend them on buybacks.

We are currently looking at 2 different models.

Model 1: Spend all fees directly on buybacks. This means that if we earn 2000$ in fees one month that will be that month’ buyback amount, and if we earn 500$ in fees another month that will be that month’ buybacks. Plain and simple.

Model 2:  Exponentially increase buybacks over time by accumulating all fees in a vault that is allocated to different farms, and only spend farming revenues on buybacks. This means that the buybacks will be significantly lower the first few month’, but they will increase exponentially over time as the vault grows. It will also help stabilize the NFT-art token over time. As an example since even if we earn less in fees one month the buybacks will be higher than the previous as long as the total value of the treasury increases.

This could also allow us to get price exposure to the general crypto market. As an example, if part of the treasury was allocated to Pancakeswaps cake pool, when $CAKE increases in value, so would that part of the vault, the farming rewards and the buybacks.

The vote will be running for 1 week.

Quality of life update
- Minor bug fixes.
- Lots of fixes and upgrades that will be released this week.

🥤We are working on some highly requested features, and some that might take you by surprise. As we are still mapping out the details of timeline, logic and design, we will save some juicy details for next week. 

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Weekly update #2

This week enter is introducing governance, launching a new paid advertisement campaign and having a vote about accepting additional currencies on the platforms.


Weekly Update 15

Monday January 17


Introducing the team & new beginnings

We have been looking forward to introducing you to these magnificent people that will be taking enter to the next level and be a part of making our mark in history. Welcome, everyone!!