Weekly update #7

Monday November 22

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 22ND NOVEMBER 2021

Dear enterverse

We announced the winners of the Twitter Design Contest last week, and are stunned by all the great submissions we received! A big thank you to everyone who participated. 🙏

🪙 BNB & BUSD payments ready! 🪙

- Will go live within Thursday!
- List & Buy NFTS with multiple currencies
- Buybacks supporting the liquidity and burn of NFTART
- Opens up for new collectors from BSC and beyond
- Voted for by the community

💻 Development update
We are on track for our multi currency release this week. Testing has been going well, and we are happy to let you know that we expect the update to go live on Thursday. All fees collected from BNB & BUSD sales will be automatically split and transferred into our Gnosis multi-signature safes to ensure an extra level of safety for everyone. This is the same treasury multi-signature solution other major BSC projects like PancakeSwap use as well. 

The fees that go toward buyback and liquidity growth will be manually controlled for strategic unannounced buybacks. All buyback and added liquidity transactions will be posted in a transparent way each week.

📈 Milestones
- 31000 members on Discord
- 99000 Followers on Twitter
- 18000 subscribers on Reddit
- 12000 users on enter
- 2 million impressions on our Paid Ads

Quality of life update
Added blog submissions to the header of enter.blog.
- Updated text sections on nft-art.finance website about audio.
- Changed logic for how the order of owned NFTs are displayed in profiles. It’s now sorted by time of purchase, rather than time of creation.
- Added link to TechRate audit in the header of nft-art.finance website.
- Updated bio on Instagram & submitted updated info to Coingecko.
- Added enter.audio to the NFT-art.finance webpage

🤔 Q&A
I am not a big fan of manual burns(for now) but the team has told in the past they will do it if we reach a big milestone for example 100K on twitter. Any update about that point?
As promised in the past we will perform a manual burn when we have reached 100 000 followers on our Twitter page. 🔥

How many people are working on the project?
A: Our team currently consist of 24 people in total, and we are expanding.
On top of that we have advisors & external specialists helping out.

Will be interesting to know if the buyback mechanism will fully managed by a smart contract or if the team have the control on when trigger the buyback? In my opinion this can make a great difference on the effect.
The NFTART buybacks will be manually controlled.

Q: What is being done about the token / token price?
The introduction of multiple currencies and our treasury & buyback system will be highly beneficial in regards to both price & liquidity.
We are also diving deeper into DeFi & gamification over the next months to grow both our liquidity and price.

Can we get updated statistics on sold NFTs on the enter platform?
A: There has been 477 559 sales on enter so far. (single- and multi editions)

🚨 We are NOT doing any NFTART token migration
It has come to our attention that there is a fake Telegram group out there with 12000 members trying to scam our holders. Just to be clear, we are not doing any NFTART token migration. Stay safe!

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