Weekly Update #42

Monday July 25

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 25TH JULY 2022

Gm everyone! This week, we’re excited to take a huge step forward on the enter NFT journey and release enter.market.

is launching in 3 days!  🚀

The NFT marketplace will launch in Beta on Avalanche with $Avax as the initial currency used to buy, list and sell NFTs. 

  • During the first weeks of the Beta launch we’ll be adding the currencies $USDC and $NFTART (on Avalanche) to the marketplace.
  • enter.market is launching on Avalanche, but will go multi-chain to BNB chain and Ethereum.
  • The NFTs from enter.art and enter.audio will be showcased on enter.market once enter.market is on BNB chain and/or enter.art and .audio becomes available on Avalanche. 
  • Documentation and guides will be up on enter.help and docs before launch
  • We have some fresh visual branding for enter.market that goes live from launch day!

$NFTART listed on Crypto.com DeFi wallet 💎

CryptoCom has listed $NFTART on their DeFi Wallet and Tweeted about it to their no less than 2.4 M followers. 

You can now hodl your $NFTART on Crypto.com’s defi wallet! 

Twitter space on Sunday 🎙

An enter.market-focused Twitter space is brewing and will take place the coming Sunday. Hosted by JPOart and the enter team.

- Set your reminders by following the link below and feel free to join in on the conversation 


👥 Community development

CMC follow contest - Win $NFTART - Ends tomorrow (Tuesday)

We’re currently running a contest where you can win $NFTART -  10 winners will get $20 and all you have to do to enter is: 

- Follow our page on CMC https://coinmarketcap.com/community/profile/NFTArtFinance…

- Comment your CoinMarketCap Community username on this post- https://twitter.com/EnterNFT/status/1549355299936632836

- And like the first post on the NFTART CMC profile! 

We’ve hit 700 members in our Facebook group, and it keeps growing. Today is the last day to enter the 250BN $NFTART giveaway over there, so don’t miss out!

To help us keep our members safe and cut down on bot attacks and scammers, please do not generate invite links for Discord. If you’d like to invite someone to the server, please use our vanity URL “enter”. (discord.gg/enter)

New Discord roles ✨
Last week, we added several new roles, channels, and updates to the XP system! Check the new roles out below:

🐳$NFTART whale


🐋enter NFT whale 

😎Web3 degen

🖼️NFT collector

The new roles give several perks. Get your own color on your handle, be more visible and use external emojis in the server.

Our sub-reddit will be upgraded with new custom awards this week. Also, keep an eye out for a fresh giveaway!

📖 Blog posts at enter.blog

Last week we took a closer look at DAO’s to investigate how they’re currently changing the working life of early adapters all over the world:


✨ Art Highlights

Cryptonians by Fallen_apocalyptica

Bondzai’s Imagination by Bondzai

Biomechanicals by Luvcraft

News from the enterverse

Wondering what the state of the enterverse is? Here you can stay up to date on the latest developments and news from enter.

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