Weekly Update #41

Monday July 18

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 18TH JULY 2022

Gm everyone! 

With the release of enter.market happening next week, it’s needless to say that the development and operations teams are busy busy building and getting everything ready for take-off. We’re spending most of the coming week on launch preparations. Next week, we'll deep dive into enter.market and the future of the enterverse, but we still have some exciting announcements for today.

🐦Twitter space next week

 - The enter team will join in to talk about development and enter.market, and we’ll invite NFT artists, projects, collectors, and enthusiasts to join the conversation. We’ll announce the exact day later this week and hope to see many of you there!


- Our profile on CoinMarketCap just got verified! Make sure you give us a follow and show support by making posts in the community section on our CMC token page. Once we hit the milestone of 5000 followers we’ll show up as a recommended account on CoinMarketCap and get a follow button directly on our token page, which will give $NFTART huge exposure. Time to spread the word!

- Several new Discord roles will be introduced this week.
The first two new roles are already live, and they are both $NFTART related!

We have integrated a new bot in our Discord server; Collab.Land. It allows us to automatically grant roles based on the number of tokens a user holds. You can verify your token amount from the #collabland-join! channel by pressing “Let’s go” and connecting your wallet of choice.

Token whale - Hold more than 20 trillion NFTART tokens
Hodler - Hold more than 1 trillion NFTART tokens

- Everyone will be rewarded for their progress with the XP system this week so stay tuned!

- Make sure you guys join our Facebook group and enter for your chance to win some $NFTART tokens over there.

We really appreciate everyone's efforts to show their support for our token every day by voting on these sites.

📚The past week on enter.blog 

Meet the Artist: NFTpixels

We had a chat with Featured Artist NFTpixels - He’s a talented artist, musician and game developer that is building a web3 game including his enter NFTs.

Check out the interview to get to know him better:

On Crypto Lending And the Celsius Saga

“In this article, we take a closer look at the field of crypto lending, how one of the biggest lending protocols collapsed in a matter of months and what we can learn from it.”

Read the full article here:

✨ Art Highlights

Mask man #098 by Sheep

Upside Down by Adwbowo

The bird by Bondzai

enter whales by Roger Cadiz & Keyoveride

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Community Newsletter #13 - October 2023

October has officially hit the enterverse, and we’re celebrating one of our favourite holidays aka Halloween with some fun community activities. Let’s brush up on all the deets of what went down in September, and what to expect this month in the enterverse.


Introducing the enterverse festival

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Weekly update #5

Monday November 08