Weekly Update #40

Monday July 11

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 11TH JULY 2022

Gm everyone! 👋

We’re finally getting very close to the launch of enter.market; so close that we are ready to share the launch date with you. Let’s dive into this week's update!

✔ Development update 


This is our biggest development project so far and we have been working on testing and perfecting the platform for around 6 months. We’re eager for the release and look forward to seeing your NFTs being listed and flipped on the marketplace! 

enter.market will launch in Beta on Avalanche the last week of this month - between the 25th and 29th of July. We will keep adding features during the Beta, and shortly after launch enter.market will be expanded to support the BNB & Ethereum chains. 

We’ll be sharing more updates covering the features, functionality and NFT collections on our social media channels in the coming weeks, so make sure to stay tuned at all @enterNFT channels, and don't forget to help us spread the word in the NFT community.

If you have an NFT project you would like to get whitelisted on enter.market, you can apply by filling out this form.

If you would like exclusive updates by email, you can sign up on the newsletter directly on https://enter.market.

enter.art & .audio:

We are preparing to take enter.art & enter.audio multichain to both Avalanche & Ethereum.

Upgradeable copyright licenses:

We are introducing a V2 to our copyright licensing system. The license types will become upgradable. This means NFT creators can choose to grant additional rights to their NFTs, even after they are sold. It will only be possible to upgrade a license type to a higher number, for example from “10 - Basic NFT license” to “60 - CC-BY license”.

📈 Milestones & stats

1500+ subscribers on enter.blog 🥳

Subscribe here

✅ Company news

We are in the process of getting a verified account on CoinMarketCap’s Gravity. Gravity is the message board & social media section of CMC, kind of like a hybrid between Twitter and a blog. It will allow us to publish official articles and posts that will be linked directly on $NFTART’s CMC page.

👥 Community development

Check out our Facebook Group for your chance to win some $NFTART tokens later this week.

Stay tuned to learn more about the xp system rewards! Keep showing your support to move up on the leaderboard!

Keep an eye out for some nitro giveaways! Boost our server to get access to perks such as a role, external emojis and more.

We come together great as a community! Let’s bring our token to the top of the ranks. Don’t forget to vote daily!

📖 Blog posts  

Last week enter.blog celebrated the 1st anniversary of enter.art by taking a trip down memory lane and taking a closer look at some of the amazing art that the platform has featured over the past year. Check it out here:


We also examined the art of photography, how it has evolved through the ages and how photographers are using NFTs to secure copyright and royalties on their work. You can read more here:

✨ Art Highlights

​​Holding Space by @CedricDebled

The Team by @Adwbowo

Pyramon by @Kner (Fresh new editions!)

Staking Apes by @Roger_cadiz & @Luvcraft

Bondzai’s Imagination by @bondzai 

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Weekly Update #32

Monday May 16


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This month we’re bringing back the OG game nights with Warzone, celebrating the amazing artists of enter in artist highlight tasks, and beginning to warm up to celebrating two years of enter.art. Let's have a look at June!


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