Weekly Update #37

Monday June 20

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 20TH JUNE 2022

Hi everyone! 👋

This week is extremely busy with loads of exciting things happening in both the digital and physical enterverse. Several of the projects we have been working on for the past 6 months are coming together nicely, and it’s a pleasure to see our joint efforts resulting in awesome products, partnerships, and collaborations. 

In the past week we have:

- Released enter x platform tonsofrocknft.com - our first marketplace on Avalanche! NFT collection is LIVE now on for 3 AVAX 🔺 

- Launched our NFT knowledge base in Spanish and Norwegian language. 

- Added multiple language channels in Discord

+ More!

✅ Company news

First day on the festival site rigging up for enterNFT at Norway's biggest festival! 

enter will have a 100m2 NFT tent on Tons of rock with enter.art NFT exhibitions, VR metaverse gallery, activities, and marketing on the festival site.

It will also be the place where several people from the enter team will meet IRL for the first time! 

NFTs to the people 🤘🔥

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

✔ Development update 

enter x:
Tons of rock NFT reveal info will soon be announced on our social media - The NFTs will be revealed tomorrow! Make sure to check out tonsofrocknft.com.

The website will be translated into English. 

enter market:
- Building and building and building! We don't have the exact release date to share with you today, but the development is nearing completion and we will be back asap with more info. Meanwhile, you can sign up on https://www.enter.market for exclusive updates. 

enter.art & .audio:
- Building and building and building! Working on several fixes and new features.

Metaverse festival:

- Working like heroes on the build, line-up, and infrastructure.

👥 Community development

Win an NFT from the enter x Tons of Rock drop TODAY! A very easy-entry giveaway will be posted on our Discord following this update. If the winning NFT contains a physical item, it will be claimed at the festival and shipped to you!

Together, we brought $NFTART to #1 on Astrospaces twice in the past week! Bring more exposure to our token and project by voting daily (and some hourly) on the respected sites. The links get passed around our communities every day. You can also get $tips in our Discord for sharing your votes.

Language channels are here in Discord! If you speak Spanish, Hindi, German, French, or a Scandinavian language, you now have a more convenient place to communicate and connect this way. We are constantly striving to provide different ways to connect our members and welcome new ones!

Head over to our subreddit for your chance to win 250BN $NFTART tokens.

📖 Blog posts   

We had the pleasure of getting to know enter ambassador Luvcraft better in this week's Meet the Artist. He is a huge inspiration in the enterverse, and we’re excited to give you a peek into his creative process and thoughts:

Our brand new collection with Tons of Rock is finally live! Read all about it in our latest blog post:

✨ Art Highlights

Tons of Rock NFT collection is live! Check it out on tonsofrocknft.com

Decentralized Distribution Presents: Stoned Skaters  by Limit_till_skateboards

Little Chickys by Ferderblue

Pyramon by Kner (Fresh new editions!)

Cyber Love by Mettoz

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Introducing the team & new beginnings

We have been looking forward to introducing you to these magnificent people that will be taking enter to the next level and be a part of making our mark in history. Welcome, everyone!!


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