Weekly Update #24

Monday March 21

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 21ST MARCH 2022

Artworks in header by @anneta_salamandra, @chano, @luvcraft & @goldkorn

GM enterverse - We're happy to share another weekly update with you all!

We’ve made great progress on the development of enter.market (soon to be released), enter.art, enter.audio, and enter.blog.

The development team is working on the last features and blockchain work needed to be ready for the release of enter.market. We are also launching something special for builders in the enterverse this week, so stay tuned for that.

This week is a big week for us. On Wednesday it’s been one year since the launch of $NFTART!

Artists and investors have gotten together and built, created and collected in the enterverse using the $NFTART token.

The utility token was created to empower the new era of art, music, gaming and community, and is fulfilling its purpose more each day. From the launch month where we were a small community of a few hundred, up until now where we are several hundred thousand across all our channels, it has been a truly special experience. 

We are very proud of everything we have accomplished as a community and team, and will celebrate this week with several incentives, giveaways and a few surprises in our community and social media channels.🥂

✔ Development update 

The enterverse has been updated today. Here are the fixes and features applied to enter.art, enter.blog & enter.audio

  • Categorize notifications
  • Categories on enter.blog
  • Add search function on enter.blog
  • Fixed layout bug on mobile devices
  • Fixed issue with burning multi edition NFTs
  • Added fix to avoid user errors when adding NFT collaborators
  • Change status from “not for sale” to “Send offer” on unlisted NFTs
  • Added fix so all burned NFTs are removed from gallery
  • Fixed error when saving social networks in user profiles
  • Fixed $NFTART listing issues

See our changelog and upcoming features on docs.enter.art!

👥 Community development

Last week our Facebook Group grew to more than 500 members, and we’re celebrating it with a 500 Bn $NFTART Giveaway! More than 140 people have already participated, so head over to https://www.facebook.com/groups/225988599558944 for a chance to win some tokens.

Since the last Gartic-Bot event was such a success, we’re doing another one this weekend! More details to follow.

$NFTART turns 1 year on Wednesday - keep an eye out in the community for birthday surprises.

📈 Milestones & stats

  • 500+ members in the newly launched Facebook Group!

📖 Blog posts   

This week we saw two brilliant contributions from the community on enter.blog via the enter.blog submission program.

What is DeFi? 

How to invest in NFTs

Do you have an interesting topic, series or subject you think would be fitting for enter.blog? 

Read more and submit your article here.

✨ Art Highlights

Code of Freedom by Anneta_Salamandra 🇺🇦

Elementuz by Chano

Real Korn by Goldkorn

Sentient Mind by Alex Vlair - the 6th out of seven of the Sentient Elements series

Symmetry #2 by Eustasch

It’s Meh - Warrior Edition by Jp_marasigan

Happy new week!
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Weekly Update #24

Monday March 21


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