Weekly Update #12

Monday December 27

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 27TH DECEMBER 2021

Happy holidays, everyone! 🎅🏻❄️🎄

Last week, we made 2 longer and more in-depth updates. This week, the holiday season has fully arrived. We are on a bit of reduced capacity for a few days, so we will keep it a bit shorter this time. As stated in the previous update; bug fixes, development, and operational matters will be handled throughout the holidays either way. We hope you’re all enjoying the days with your loved ones whether you celebrate or not, and we are looking forward to starting 2022 with a boom next week! 

🎁 News & features

- Added private sale / gifting feature. 

- Company / about page update

- New DeFi partnership announcement coming this week! 

✔ Quality of life update

- Removed offers from the messages page as they were not that obvious to find and handle.

- Moved offers to Notifications page (Pending actions tab) with 2 buttons: "Confirm" & "Decline"

- Fixed bugs in the notification tabs & other errors.

- Changed chat logic - Chat per user not per NFT.

🦈 Autoshark farm & pool

The NFTART farm and pool on autoshark have been extended for another 2 months!

This means that you can earn $NFTART by staking or farm $NFTART to earn $FINS through our partnership with autoshark.finance



📖 Blog posts 

Meet the Artist - Interview with Hinkstep by Radioactive cake. 


Introducing the team & new beginnings:



Christmas is here at enter.help! We will still be there to help with bug reports and the like, but response time may vary from 23/12 - 03/01. 


The new Gitbook & last week's extra update already addressed a bunch of questions we’ve received from the community lately, so this week's QA is on the shorter side. If you have a question you’d like addressed in the weekly updates, please direct them to our wonderful community team in Discord or submit a ticket to enter.help!

Q: Can you confirm that the enter.x will drive on the nftart finance token?

A: The enter x marketplaces will be multi-currency platforms operating mainly on NFTART, BNB, and BUSD and will benefit the ecosystem and native token like the existing enter platforms. 

Q: In the Gitbook roadmap they mention enter.market & enter.x What is the difference between the 2?

A: Enter x will be branded marketplaces for brands and IP holders. enter.market concept will be revealed in early 2022!

Take care!

Best wishes from the enter team ✨

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