Weekly update #10

Monday December 13

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 13TH DECEMBER 2021

Dear enterverse
It’s a new week filled with new possibilities. We are writing one of the last weekly updates of 2021, and preparing the enterverse for a new year! 

As you might have noticed, we did plenty of minor fixes to the ecosystem in the last week. In addition to that, things have been moving fast on the operations side as well. New partnerships, events and incentives have ben planned out and set in stone. We’re looking forward to share this and the coming weeks’ updates with you! 

Super short term:

👥 Team/company page will be updated this week.

 📖 Our Gitbook will be published this week.

🎁 NFT gifting will be ready for around Christmas. 

🗳Governance Vote
Vote B (2) won the governance vote by far!
This means we will allocate the funds to different farming strategies, and use the farming revenue for buybacks of $NFTART.
The anti whale vote weighing feature on snapshot bugged out, as you can see in the voting proposal.

The vote weighing was added to lessen the impact from large token holders (more than 10 trillion) and make the vote fair for each community member. Since the anti whale feature bugged on us, we copy, pasted & ran the results trough snapshots simulator to check the actual results.

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

- 459.9 trillion deducted from 4 whales voting for model A
- 219.9 trillion deducted from 8 whales voting for model B

Results after deduction:
Model A - 76 individual votes
178.44 trillion
Model B - 147 individual votes
355.18 trillion

📈DEFI Update

As we’ve mentioned before, doing a DeFi play is high on the priority list for Enter, and we have decided to start that journey by building close partnerships with existing DeFi projects. We already have a cooperation with Autoshark - but our next partnership is an even closer one.

We have identified a great team building an exciting new DeFi product and we have decided to cooperate closely together. This means that:

  • NFTART holders will get the opportunity to get in early in special DeFi projects
  • Extending our cooperations will bring new collectors into Enter marketplaces
  • Artists will get a way to earn high yields on their income.

We will disclose more about our new partner shortly - so follow closely!

🎯 Targeted ad campaign update
Last week we launched the new top-funnel on Facebook and Instagram to increase traffic. As a result, we’ve tripled the traffic from Facebook and Instagram, and are now generating a lot of new visitors for our mid-funnel conversion campaign.

Last week we reached 1.000.000 people and generated almost 20.000 visits to enter.art via paid advertising.

Our Twitter ads are undergoing review on Twitter’s side (there are certain hoops you must go through when advertising as a crypto project) and will be live as soon as they clear.

🖼 New collections on enter.art

We had several brand new collections launching on our NFT marketplace the past week! 

-@TonyNasa & Tiana - Little fighters featuring and backed by famous fighters like Floyd Mayweather

-@Enemees - 911 colourful, generated cartoon characters.

-@Jujulien - 'Curl Sculpture - Skulls’. 10 High definition 3D Skulls coming with a physical print.

- @CedricFangeat - Quotations collection - Millenia of ART History revisited through a series of quotations.

-@Brede71 - Sliced Balerina & Gymnastic Shape - Transforming ordinary spaces into one-of-a-kind experiences. 

-@fotogra4bar’ - Blumenmädchen’ series features different colors expressed by girls & colors.

📖 Blog posts of the last week
How to market your NFTs:

Little fighters collection:


The coming week we have several meet the artist interviews as well as a crypto related post diving into the details of swapping tokens

🎬 Streams & events
This week we have planned an enter.art LIVE stream with the amazing Luis Ricardo from Mexico. He will share a live cartoon and comic workshop and show us how he works! 

-The past week we hosted Benedicto Cernal III from the Philippines who is a great artist creating one poster every day. The clip from his stream is still up on the @enterNFT Twitter page.

📈 Milestones
20 000 subscribers on Reddit
- 13 000 users on enter
- 513 000 NFTs sold

Quality of life update
Added “invited by @username” on profiles for our artist referral program
- Link between enter.art and enter.audio profiles for those with both
- Tab name & logic changes on profiles
- Added Download button for enter.audio after purchased NFT
- Added Transaction tab on enter.audio
- Added a dropdown listing menu inside the NFT cards when you own the NFT
- Don't show warning message on NFTS from former launchpad artists who are featured artists now
- Fixed transactions tab on mobile devices
Cancel the possibility to create tracks with the same name in the album on enter.audio
Add badges for Featured artists to History on enter.audio
Add a time counter in the NFT card in the scheduled auctions
- Profile picture on old NFT cards now update when a creator change their profile photo
- Fix issue when Artstation and Behance links are not displayed
- Rebuild profile page to work much faster
- Sort multi-editions by $ price regardless of what type of currency it is listed in
- Make all genres on enter.audio display in genres page
- Collections update: Bulk adding to collections and re-arrange the order of pieces inside of a collection. Also user can choose between having 3 bigger previews, 4 medium previews, or 6 small previews
- Added profile sale stats for enter.audio
- Added a button to switch between enter.art, enter.audio & enter.blog next to each platforms logo
- Changed warning text on launchpad NFTs
- Changed name on sold section to “recent sales” & updated the sections logic. In the past if a user bought a NFT, and then re-listed it, the NFT would disappear from the sold section. Now the NFT stays in the recent sales section even If re-listed. The re-listed NFTs are possible to purchase from the recent sales section as well.

To end this weeks update, here's a small sneak peek:

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

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