Weekly update - Monday October 11

Last week we passed 100 000 sold NFTs! These weekly updates will keep you posted on recent news as well as our goals for the short-, mid- and longterm.

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 11TH OCTOBER 2021

We had a quite extensive AMA this Saturday telling you about the restructuring and our plans for the future. So we’ll start off by summing some of that information up.

As mentioned in the AMA we are doing a restructuring of Enter - the company. What does that mean?
First of all the Enter company is growing and we’re doing a private investment round where some of the key developers that have been building Enter will be investing in the company and coming in on the ownership side as well. This accomplishes 2 things. It vests more of the core team with long term ownership in the company & brings in new capital. Both good for the long term growth.

Also as mentioned in the AMA: We have passed 100.000 NFTs sold on Enter platforms. This is an enormous milestone and worthy a little celebration 🥳. But we are not resting there. With huge growth comes an even bigger responsibility to continue that growth. To that end we are doing the following things.

Growing the Community
We heard you loud & clear, we will be reopening our Telegram group!
Over the course of the next few weeks we will be banding together a selection of skilled & dedicated community team members, in order to be able to support our TG community in a meaningful way moving forward. We are working out concrete strategies to ensure our re-entry into TG will become as successful as possible.

Growing the business
We are spending a lot of time working on partnerships with big brands and personalities who want to launch NFTs to their audiences on the Enter platform. This is part of what we for a long time have been calling Enter.x - A white-label platform where brands with their own audiences can launch their own marketplaces both on .art or .audio and on their own branded landing pages at the same time. This will open up Enter to new and larger brands, while at the same time bringing new audiences and collectors to .art and .audio. The deals we are working on are bigger than any of us can imagine right now, so we’ll keep it at that until we have more information to share, but we’ll use this opportunity to tell you a bit about how we will structure updates going forward.

Since we don’t have a roadmap with dates any longer, we’ll be using the following terms going forward.

Short term: Meaning weeks
Medium term: Meaning months
Long term: Meaning more than 6 months

We’ll give you some short term updates here, and we’ll be following up with some medium term and long term updates on Monday next week.

Short term:
- We will be migrating all audio NFTs from enter.art to enter.audio. 

- We’re going to add filters for first hand (owned by creator) and second hand sales (owned by other than creator) in the galleries. 

- Our gas fee compensation plan for creators who spent gas on migrating their NFTs to the multi minter update ERC 721 -> ERC 1155 is live!

In the first phase of our compensation plan we have decided to refund the full amount spent on the conversion process in BNB. The exact amounts of gas spent have been extracted from our smart contract. All compensations will be handled automatically, so there is no need to submit any data to us.

Medium term and Long term:
We will have some much more interesting announcements coming next week so we are keeping the suspense until then.

Thank you everyone for your continued support!

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