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Did anyone say in audio format? Following our last monthly recap, we’ve got some exciting news for you - the enterNFT podcast is ready to rock your ears! logo

Dear frens of the enterverse, 

We rounded off last month’s recap with a little teaser, and with yesterday’s successful first kick-off, we are immensely proud to announce that the first episodes of the brand-new enterNFT podcast are now out in the open!

Ever since we first launched enter, an important focus point has been lowering the bar for the masses to enter the NFT space. enter aims to be a front-runner to global crypto adoption, and in that regard, we want to play our part in delivering high-quality and low-barrier education materials on everything Web3. 

Today, hosts no less than 166 articles, covering everything from basic blockchain knowledge to in-depth articles on NFT creation and highlights of NFT artists in our ecosystem with first-hand experience coming into the space. It is therefore our immense pleasure to now offer our articles in audio format, meaning you can get everything you need to know while driving to work, cleaning your house, or whatever else you might need to get done while still learning something new!

In weekly episodes, multi-disciplinary artist and seasoned NFT creator Luvcraft will take you through the hoops of everything Web3, so that you can stay on top of everything noteworthy in the space. The podcast is already available on services like Spotify, Amazon, and Deezer, and will be accessible across all popular podcast services during the next couple of days. 

If you haven’t found the time to brush up on all of our articles yet, you’ll now get the chance to have them read out to you - so tune in and enjoy the first five episodes below: 

"Happy Halloween, and welcome to a creatively tuned Monthly Recap! This month has been heavily dedicated to community and creativity, with an in-depth artist update for incoming Featured Artists, a merch contest for the designers of the community, and several new artists in the Featured Artist gallery. As November approaches, we’re excited to finish off the month with a dash of Halloween magic for everyone following the journey across our social media and community channels." - Monthly Recap #3 - October 2022

"Digital artists are known for their creativity and innovation. In fact, many of the most famous works of art today were created by digital artists. It's no surprise that they'd want to try out new things in their own field. One of the most talked about topics at the moment is AI, and the use of AI in the creation of NFTs is on the rise. How can the use of AI enhance the process of creative work? Let's take a look at a development that seems to have barely just begun." - AI: The Magic Brush for Digital Artists

"‘Do your own research’ (or DYOR). Within the crypto community, this phrase has become an empty platitude, although it is one of the greatest pieces of advice in crypto. It is something that prominent industry figures repeat to absolve themselves of any liability if a trader, having been encouraged into investing in cryptocurrency, loses significant sums of money [...] It is important to note that no amount of your research can help when the market goes through a downturn, meaning that understanding cycles is just as important as researching individual cryptocurrencies and platforms. That said, how do you know which cryptocurrencies to invest in?"  - How to Do Your Own Research Before Investing in Cryptocurrencies

"At a fateful Saturday lunchtime meeting in Zug, Switzerland, on June 7, 2014, eight young men—including a precocious Vitalik Buterin— gathered in a rented house in the woods, dubbed “the spaceship,” to co-found Ethereum and decide the future of what was to eventually become the world’s second-biggest (and arguably its most important) blockchain. [...] However, this brainchild has not been without its limitations. In the quest to smoothen its rough edges, developers at Ethereum - led by the only founder still working on the blockchain, Vitalik Buterin, have remained committed to improving the blockchain. The latest of these improvements, The Ethereum Merge, finally saw light in September 2022" - Ethereum Merge 1: What is the Ethereum Merge? & Ethereum Merge 2: 5 Misconceptions about the Ethereum Merge

"Cryptography feels like a modern practice. Even outside the blockchain, the use of encryption to keep our personal data secure from hackers and predatory software makes it seem synonymous with modern computing. However, cryptography dates back thousands of years. Cryptography has exploded in the public eye thanks to blockchain technology, but its history goes much further than you might expect. Let’s explore the long sage of ciphered messages, that leads to what we love most - NFTs." - The History of Cryptography: From Rotor Cipher Machines to NFTs

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