Monthly Recap #5 - December 2022

The past month in the enterverse has been full of excitement, announcements, and preparations for the new year. What a jolly month it has been! Let’s review December’s happenings in the last Monthly Recap of 2022. logo
@enter.artPUBLISHED 30TH DECEMBER 2022

Happy New Year, dear frens of the enterverse!  

As the holiday season is nearing its end, we hope to find you happy and healthy, with a full stomach and well-rested mind. The last month has been eventful to say the least, with several exciting announcements regarding the future of enter, lots of action on the platforms, and of course a ton of holiday cheer in the community. 

With no less than three enter-related articles on this month, a Twitter space with the core team, and some surprise announcements in Discord, we have a lot to wrap up in this last recap of 2022, before we direct our attention to taking the new year by storm. Let’s get to it!

enterNFT Advent Calendar

This month, we’ve had the pleasure of kicking off the holiday season with a 24 day long Christmas Calendar in the enter NFT Discord community. On the prize table we’ve seen tons of NFTs from Featured Artists on, snazzy collectibles from hot collections on, and lastly, some physical items like Ledgers and merch to round up on the big day, the 24th. We’re happy to see the prizes reach new and old community members alike, and to continue the success in future giveaways. More on this in our upcoming Community Newsletter next week.

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Platform Updates

We’ve been excited to roll out several updates to the enter platforms this month, starting off with an update December 2 and rounding off the year with another on December 27. The updates are ranging from quality of life and UI fixes, to substantial changes to our service fees that will boost us well into 2023. & .audio

  • To lower the barrier of entry for newcomers and keep evolving with the market, we’ve reduced the service fee of and to 2.5%!
  • Implementation of like button directly on NFT cards
  • Embedded application forms for becoming a Featured Artist to the top of
  • Improved the speed of the gallery page on
  • Lots of bug fixes on all platforms

  • New API - Live sync 
  • Collections are now by default sorted by floor price
  • Added refresh metadata button on NFTs to enable NFT reveals
  • Added the current NFT owner to the top of the NFT cards for visibility
  • Added links to the block explorer Snowtrace from all NFT collections
  • Reduced the banner height on collection pages

2023 Focus Announcement

It’s been a while since we decided to move away from fixed roadmaps and public timelines, but communicating our focus and goals is just as important to us as it is to the enter community. We’ve therefore been excited to wrap up the year with an in depth focus announcement, where we take a closer look at some of the plans for 2023 in the enterverse. We’re looking forward to diving into new endeavors with our upcoming merch shop, the launch of enter NFT labs and bringing our platforms to new audiences this coming season.

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Twitter Spaces 

We had a lovely time in the Twitter Space we hosted in December, following up on our 2023 focus announcement. In the spirit of December retrospection, we took a look at how the crypto space has evolved over the past year, and in light of that, the change of focus we’ve had ourselves. We were unfortunately cut short due to technical issues, and look forward to getting back on stage with you guys come January to continue the conversation! 

Release of enterweb3

Amongst the topics in both enter 2023 and the Twitter Space, was of course the release of our brand new web3 agency page,! With the agency, we are bringing fresh perspectives on web3 building to the table, with the tools we’ve acquired through the past year. Make sure to stop by the fresh agency Twitter handle to follow the journey and give the dedicated blog article a read to get the full scope of what we offer, and how this move will benefit the enterverse moving forward. 

On the topic of partnerships and expanding the enter network, we’ve also recently opened a new application form for partnerships. If you’re interested in partnering up with enter in any way, you can find the form here!

Blog Articles & enter NFT Podcast

This month on has been heavily focused on everything happening in the enterverse, sprinkled with some NFT inspiration and knowledge. The enter NFT podcast is continuing the mission of providing weekly episodes of hot articles, narrated by Luvcraft, where we are brushing up on the basics that everyone needs to know when getting into web3. Let’s take a look at this month's articles and episodes!

Community Newsletter #3 - December 2022

How To Survive The Bearmarket as an NFT Artist

enter 2023


● NFT Renting

NFT & Art Highlights

We’ve seen tons of beautiful works on from the amazing featured artists this month and of course a lot of holiday-dedicated NFTs. On, new collections have been added and we keep seeing new collectors popping up to pick up the goodies. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights of December’s NFTs in the enterverse!

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Christmas Spirit -final 2022 ● Relaxing Santa ● Secret Santa - Cursed

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg


Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Glitch Zone 014 - Displacement Pyramon #40 ● Santamon ● Abstract Animation 

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Blumenmädchen Schwartz 02

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

STONE COLD PEPE ●  BajiraTeca 7 - Carlos ●  Lost Tape#002

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Chippers ● AvaNouns ● EdgyEggs ● Phsych-A-Delicatessen ● Luvcraft Collector’s Edition

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Owloper #1182 ● BabySkullz#175 ● Apelthon ● hopper #607 ● Wolfi #77

With that, all that's left to say is thank you to everyone who’s been with us this past year. No matter if you’re an artist, investor, collector, partner, ambassador, or silent spectator, we appreciate your support immensely. See you on the other side!

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