Monthly Recap #4 - November 2022

New merch design, incoming Twitter Spaces, new quests and the expansion of; November has been an interesting month in the enterverse! Find all the essentials gathered in this month’s recap. logo
@enter.artPUBLISHED 30TH NOVEMBER 2022

Dear frens of the enterverse, 

There's been quite the turmoil in the crypto space this November with the fall of FTX and the cascade of ripple effects that followed. As the fog clears, we’re grateful to still be here largely unaffected, able to continue to push for the future of web3 with all of you. 

This month, we’ve been excited to spread the word of inspiration and education on to a whole new platform, through the fresh enterNFT podcast! On, we’ve welcomed new Featured Artists, and have seen a wide range of new brilliant works light up the front page. Not to mention, did anyone say freshly designed enter merch?

As the end of the year approaches, we’re fully focused on creating new grooves for the future of enter. Let’s dive into what this month has brought us, and a bit of what you can expect next:

🎙 Twitter Spaces

On the topic of creating new grooves, we will be hosting a new Twitter Space in the middle of December. We know a lot of you are wondering about what the future will bring for the enter ecosystem, maybe particularly during the market conditions all builders are experiencing right now. Stay tuned for an in-depth post on the topic come December, and mark the date of December 13 in your calendar for the Space. We’re looking forward to chatting with you, and having a fruitful debate about enter and web3 as a whole!

👕 Merch design contest winner announced

enter is all about creativity, and we’ve been thrilled to invite our community of artists to make their mark on what represents enter with our 30 day merch contest! Big shout out to the winner @Ifeelslick for a brilliantly vibrant design that we can’t wait to see walk around in the world: 

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

🇩🇪 Multi-language knowledge base expanded is what connects the ecosystem, designed to help new and seasoned users alike to navigate our platforms and features with ease. We’ve already launched a Norwegian and Spanish version of our knowledge base, and to aid the next wave of NFT curious artists and collectors, German has now been added to the mix. Hallo deutsche Künstler und Sammler!

👣 Questing

We’re embarking on a whole new journey of sparking joy, excitement, and engagement for our existing community, and getting newcomers to join the enter bandwagon, through the brilliant concept of questing. Stop by enterNFT on Twitter to partake in the first quest, with the theme of exploring the enterverse!

💡 New grooves for

What started as a simple company blog, has grown to become an ever-evolving hub of inspirational and educational articles spanning the enterverse and well beyond into the depths of all things crypto and web3. This month, we’ve had the pleasure of expanding’s reach to several new platforms that will inspire the wave of knowledge-hungry newcomers and veterans in the crypto space. 

enterNFT podcast

We kicked off the month with the enterNFT podcast, created in collaboration with enter ambassador Luvcraft. In weekly episodes, we’re brushing up on topics from that will guide you through the hoops of crypto and NFTs in audio format. Check out the introduction post and give it a listen here! goes independent on Twitter

We’re stoked to let take on a life of its own on Twitter, to empower the growth and reach to new audiences. In the wake of the recent baffling events in the space, it is more important than ever to ensure proper education for healthy growth as a community. Keep an eye out for fun initiatives to kick off the handle with a bang on @enterblog_!

Revamped blog submissions page

We’re always on the lookout for fresh new perspectives, educational pieces and hot takes on the state of web3. To make it easier for the amazing writers contributing to, we’ve revamped the blog submission page with new guidelines and tips to have articles accepted. Check it out here, and share it with your writer frens!

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Articles on in November

From analyses of the FTX collapse and what we can learn from it, to deep dives into the challenges and hopes for DeFi, this month on has been gut-wrenching, educational, and inspirational. Here’s a wrap-up of this month’s articles in case you didn’t catch them yet!

🛠 Development update 

We started off last month with the implementation of a feature we know a lot of artists have been excited about: The ability to choose which NFTs are displayed on the artists’ page on!

Coming in hot this week is an update to that will sort all NFTs by floor price on collections. We’re also implementing a new API on, ensuring that all NFTs, collections, and metadata will be indexed instantly.

Small things also matter, and what matters in this day and age more than likes? Along with the update, likes will now be visible directly on NFT cards in the gallery.

NFT & collection highlight

We’ve seen some stunning new collections and NFTs on both and the last month. We’ve also welcomed the talented new Featured Artists Fellerd & Photofan_219 into the gallery, both representing vastly individual styles of creating that we can’t wait to see more of. Art never sleeps, even in bear, so make sure to stop by the galleries for a hit of color and to support your favorite artists!

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Resurrected Christ #1 ● The city never sleeps ● Misaki #47 ●

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Zodiac04 ● Crying Princess ● Sweet Dreams ●

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Gläsern Sphären 028 ● Agadon Burr AB8z - Hermann ● Drache ●

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

● Roostr ● Chikn ● Assetha ● Ogerz Klan 

What’s next?

With the wrap-ups in the last two Monthly Recaps (check them out here & here), the outline of what’s next on the menu for the enterverse may already start to take shape for most following the journey. We do however still have some wild cards up our sleeve to share in December, and would also like to offer some insights into the how’s and why’s of 2022, as well as the way forward. Again, we would like to encourage everyone with a particular interest in the growth of enter to keep an eye out for an in-depth article on the topic, and to join our upcoming Twitter Space. 

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