Monthly Recap #3 - October 2022

Halloween is here, and the enterverse is full of pumpkins, ghosts, and a fresh handful of featured artists! Let’s take a look at last month’s happenings, as we’re gearing up for November. logo
@enter.artPUBLISHED 31ST OCTOBER 2022

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Dear frens of the enterverse, 

Happy Halloween, and welcome to a creatively tuned Monthly Recap! This month has been heavily dedicated to community and creativity, with an in-depth artist update for incoming Featured Artists, a merch contest for the designers of the community, and several new artists in the Featured Artist gallery. As November approaches, we’re excited to finish off the month with a dash of Halloween magic for everyone following the journey across our social media and community channels. 

🎃 Halloween Special 

We’ve sprinkled a few surprises across our social media channels and in the enter communities to celebrate. Hop on over to Twitter to get a chance to win some $NFTART by dropping your best Halloween creation in the comments. We’ve got another surprise up our sleeve to reveal before the day is over, so hop over to the Discord server for some Halloween fun at 18:00 UTC +1:

Merch Contest

enter is created for artists by artists, and letting the community partake in the creative expression of enter is ever important to us. This is why we’ve kicked off a 4-week merch contest, inviting everyone to get freaky with enter-related designs for our next batch of enter merch! On the prize table lies $200 in $NFTART, and of course an edition of your merch design. We’ve already received some amazing contributions and look forward to seeing the rest as the clock ticks closer to the finish line. Get the full scope and join the contest here!

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Artist update - New featuring system 

In the spirit of Web3 we kicked off October by changing up our Featured Artist system. From closed curation strictly done by enter, we are now inviting anyone to apply to become Featured, be it artists from the enterverse or beyond. This offers a unique chance to show your best works and lowers the bar for artists to get noticed. We introduced the update in an in-depth announcement, alongside two new application forms:

Welcoming new Featured Artists!

During the month, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting several brilliant artists, many of whom are also active contributors in our communities. Working in genres from pixel art and 3D rendering to award-winning AI and more, these artists are breathing some fresh air into the space, each in their own way. Please give a warm welcome to our latest Featured Artists!

We are excited to introduce even more artists to the gallery, so don’t be afraid to give the application a shot if you’re an artist yourself - or send one of the forms over to your favorite artist fren!

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While the developers are working towards our next big releases, bug fixes and quality of life improvements on, .audio and .market continue to be a priority. During October, user-specific bugs revolving around listing and management of NFTs have been resolved, and we’re expecting more small fixes in the next couple of days as well. 

New collections on

It’s a pleasure to see new collections being added to! In case you haven’t been around the last month or two, we’ve collected the recent additions for your enjoyment:

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg


$NFTART turned 1,5 years at the end of September, and we celebrated with doubling farm rewards running through the month of October. While the double rewards are close to ending, the farm is still a fruitful place to be, so make sure to check it out if DeFi is your jam: & announcements in Web3 

Alright, so we also bragged a bit about this in the last Community Update, but we simply cannot get our arms down, as we have reached 16 000 followers on Coinmarketcap Community! We’re continuously upping our presence with posts and articles, and appreciate everyone taking the time to give us a vote and comment to boost our way to the recommended mark. Let’s take a look at this month’s blog posts on CMC:

- Five types of consensus mechanisms you should know about 

- Meet the project: Myownverse

- enter artist update #1 - become featured on

- enter NFT glossary

- Community Development #2 - October & November 2022

- How to do your own research before investing in crypto currencies

- enter merch contest!

- AI: The magic brush for digital artists

- enter Discord - A community for crypto & NFT lovers

- enter artist update #1 - Become featured on

Focus for November and forward

What’s next? Let’s take a brief look at the focus for the coming months - some you already know, and some that might look new to you. Please note that this is merely an overview of some of the things we’re currently working on - not a roadmap with definite timelines.

  • Revamping of the Launchpad system on & .audio
  • Education in audio format? Hmmm… 
  • Did someone say enter.web3? For now, we’ll say no more - keep an eye out for a new addition to the enterverse before the end of the year. 
  • Implementing $NFTART & USDC on (Avalanche)
  • Bringing to BNB Chain & Ethereum

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