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@enter.artPUBLISHED 10TH FEBRUARY 2022
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Today we’re meeting one of's most beloved artists, who has been around since the very beginning. Luis Ricardo is well known for his characteristic works, and keeps inspiring with his unique approach to creation. His works are deeply relatable, which is confirmed by his dedicated collector base and 2,2 billion views on Giphy. He mixes art styles and techniques effortlessly, bringing traditional arts and political comics into the NFT space, while wearing his heart on his sleeve. 

Moving through his history of 670 created NFTs on since the beta in June 21, you’re sure to find treats ranging from interesting comics and personal sketches, to intricate paintings where it’s left to your imagination to decide what you see. Currently displayed on his profile are his collections “Artificial Intelligence” and “Enemees” (Co-created with Lunart) where Luis’ original style shines through while incorporating digital elements and ideas that thrive in the NFT space. 

It is no wonder that he has been one of enter's most influential artists, and we are forever grateful for his passion and participation in the enter community. You may have attended one of his enter live streams, where he has shared his knowledge of cartoon creation, and the fascinating technique of egg tempera painting. Today, you're in for a colorful journey as he shares his experience and reflections revolving around art, inspiration, life and NFTs.

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How long have you been making art? 

I have been making art since I was 14 or 15. I did drawings on the school table and in my notebooks. First I wanted to draw caricatures because my favorite Mexican artists, like José Hernández, draw political cartoons. I have always felt closer to newspapers than to art galleries. I did not know then but I am anxious, and somehow drawing helps me pay attention. So, I draw while I do many other things, watch football, listen to a podcast, or a Ted Talk. The other teachers are pretty used to the fact that I draw in our meetings. Sometimes I even brought color pencils and markers, which was probably going too far.

What inspires you in your creative process? 

Artists take inspiration from the world around us. Most of our world is the internet, so that counts too. We subsume, digest what reminds us of life, what we find beautiful; then we transform all of that into something else. So, we have the enjoyment, the aesthetics. And then we have the work, the transformation of all of the reflection of the world into something new. And such artwork has some technique involved. The Greek equivalent to art is techné. I learned about this from Dr. Enrique Dussel on YouTube, while drawing, of course.

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Can you tell us a bit about your journey to the NFT space?

I started in the NFT space in May 2021. One of my friends told me “this is perfect for you”. I trust his vision, so I converted my first 50 USD that week. Maybe it was more. You know how the rabbit hole works. Anyway, I had never sold more than one drawing until then. It was not easy and I did not have any will to join the local art market circuit to sell my drawings or paintings, I would rather give them away.

You recently started the project "Enemees", we'd love to hear about them and how they're made!

One of my crypto friends told me about the interest for PFP projects in the community. One of the basics is that Bitcoin started anonymous and without any permission. So, in order to present themselves to the world, these crypto guys -and also myself- use a cartoon, so it has to be distinctive and fun. Of course, to those who have been in the NFT space for a while, all of this is obvious, but it was not so obvious to me. So I wanted to take a shot with the PFP generative projects in which you randomly select one of many different backgrounds, then a random body, nose, eyes, props, etc. With “Enemees” I wanted to do the real thing, so I asked for help from the Lunart duo, who have been doing successful PFP projects for some time. They told me what was needed and they did all the magic. I knew that if we had enough pairs of eyes, the characters would seem distinct. We always say “it is not about rarity but about personality”. Our Enemees really look like they are up to something. 

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Enemee #106 - Currently available first hand on

What mediums do you prefer to work with? 

I usually draw with my ballpoint pen in a 350 page Chinese sketchbook. I spent most of my life saying, “One day when I have my own studio, my acrylics, the egg tempera, the oils, the pastels, then I will create for real”. Well, now I have the studio, I just never go there, I’d much rather be drawing while I am surrounded by people, by my daughters, my partner. Then I scan some of the best images and add color digitally. Sometimes I do some animation with them. My professional training is in film making, so much of what I like to do in animation has a little early cinema look. I love old movies, especially comedies and fantasy.

What is your most memorable experience working with art? 

Once, a lady in the street looked at one of my drawings and asked me, “Is that a saint?”. Yes, exactly, I answered. I loved the idea. 

Another time I was a finalist in some art contest and I was at the ceremony with my suit and glass of wine and they were going to name the winner.On the screen my name appeared and the guy said, “The winner is *someone else*… big applause to the winner”. Then the big screen changed my name for the real winner. I said to my friends, "Did you see that, did you see that?". Hahaha.

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Your profile says you're building a house out of your art – how?

I had some money that my grandfather gave me as an inheritance and I bought a piece of land by the beach in Oaxaca, I gave the seller all my savings and my car. Now, I only need some crypto to start building that house, and then, Airbnb it. 

Your art reflects confidence and creative freedom, do you have any tips for those struggling to get out of their creative comfort zone?

I suggest not to wait until you feel inspired. When I had to draw cartoons I would go to the random topic generator and play the game of having to think of a funny cartoon on the subject. I guess you can do the same with random art, just be inspired by the art you like, or by an aspect of life you enjoy. What we find beautiful defines us. Germán List thought a traffic light might be just as beautiful as a kiss. I think the 16-bit arcade game “Golden Axe” is beautiful because it reminds me of good times. What do you enjoy about life?

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Aunt Nena and Aunt Chio's Funerary Urns in San Miguelito Chapel 
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