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@enter.artPUBLISHED 2ND MARCH 2022

We are excited to introduce you to the magical Indira_IofEye, Indira Hasimbegovic. She has been lighting up since day one with her breathtaking works of vivid colors, where art forms and mediums are blended beautifully, giving her creations a depth of layers and details that is truly unique. With Indira, there seems to be no limits of what art can be - she works with everything from drawing and painting, to VJing and creating experiences for live audiences. She also shares her knowledge through creative workshops, focusing on an intuitive and playful approach to creation. 

Indira is based in Copenhagen, where she has been an active part of the underground art scene for many years. Her drive to create, explore and collaborate has taken her to various collaborations and exhibitions in both the physical and digital space. Her approach to and philosophy on creation are truly inspirational, and you are bound to be spellbound by her way of expression - be it through paintings, digital arts, or written words. 

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Air Spirits - Combination of digital work, drawing and photography. First part of the "Spirits" series, each depicting an element and an archetype. Currently available on

“I create because I feel compelled to do so, because I feel ‘right’ when engaged in the creative process and because it gives me a vast vocabulary through which I can express my inner reality and interact with the world. It is also something that ‘happens' and that oftentimes feels like something occurring beyond my mental control. When I am creating, writing, reflecting, free-roaming with my camera or experimenting with sounds, when I surrender to the processes of inspiration and creation, I feel truly happy, and I have an intuitive knowledge of what I ought to do and what feels right. I feel connected on a deeper level to the Spirit that is in all things and I feel like I’m partnering with a much larger energy field when I release myself to creation. In those moments, even if I am sad or stressed, I am happy on a much deeper level.”

How did you get into art?

I started doing art in 2007-08. My academic background is international relations and security, and while I was doing my masters degree inspired by deconstructive and critical philosophy about what it means to be human, I started re-thinking my own relationship to life and what I wanted to be and express. After that I did courses in coaching and after deeper self-inquiry realized that I had an urge to work creatively and thus began with drawings and collages. I got involved in the Copenhagen underground artistic community, learning from people I met and throwing myself into new creative experiences - doing art/music events, VJing, creating drawing and doodling workshops etc. Slowly I explored different expressive formats and mediums and experimented to find my own voice.  

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Thousand Repetitions - Digital collage (from own pieces of drawing/painting/photo) and digital painting. Currently only available for offer. 

What mediums to you use to create?

I create in different mediums - I do lots of analog art such as drawings and acrylic paintings, but I also love digital creation and video creation. For several years I did live VJing and live drawing to concerts and events, oftentimes using my art as the basis for live animation. I also like to create installations and experiences and view art as a possibility to express multiplicity of aspects of one's being. There is no single medium I am bound to, but there are certain things that are always present in my practice and drawing is one of them. I love to draw. Also, I love color and many of my works are very colorful and often with many layers of details and worlds-within-worlds. Oftentimes there are symbolic and mythological elements in my art and I have a sense of different stories and levels of stories unfolding at the same time in one piece of art, as well as a sense of all the works being interconnected in a larger narrative. 

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Guardians of the strange ideas - Combination of analog painting, drawing, digital collage and digital painting. Currently available first hand on

 Art gives me a sense of freedom and possibility and also a way to express things that I cannot do otherwise. My approach has always been strongly intuitive and I find deep satisfaction in the process of imagining, creating, playing with materials and simply experimenting. I feel a sense of connection and meaning when I create and also a sense of liberation of who I am as a human. Oftentimes I have no idea where the process will lead me and how it may unfold or what the final result will be. What has always fascinated me is the relationship between a conscious intention to create something and the unexpected unfolding through the process, where I get surprised by the outcome. In many ways this intuitive approach has a sort of therapeutic quality too, in that it often reveals things that are going on inside me and that I may not be conscious of or allows me to "speak" without having to conceptualize and use words.  

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Spirit Encounters - Digital collage and painting, composed from digital and analog (own) artwork pieces. Currently only available for offer. 

What is your most memorable experience working with art?

 I had my works exhibited in several shows this past year, with the final one at Art Basel Miami, which felt like a big step for me. I also had several very interesting collabs and have plans for completely new audio-visual-experience projects in the Metaverse for 2022. I also found that suddenly my digital art had a place and it has been rather transformative for my art and life that there have been collectors who purchased my digital pieces and not only my analog art. The NFT community has had a serious impact on my learning and development as an artist and I am daily inspired by the possibilities for creation, collaboration and expression. 

I am currently co-curating an exhibition for WOCA (Women of Crypto Art) and DoinGud (NFT platform for social causes) for the #DoinGud17SDG Project - 17 communities creating exhibitions each supporting a social cause on the UN sustainable development goals list, where a portion of funds goes to organisations working with these causes. At the moment DoinGud is partnering with many organisations around the world that are supporting different causes. The cause that our exhibition will be supporting is Gender Equality. 


Exhibitions and performances  

2010 - KPH Art - Københavns Projekthus (Culture House, Copenhagen) - Ephemeral maps - wall installation of composite visual works
2011 - Pulse Electronic Arts Conference, Berlin (video art)
2012 - Art Takes Manhattan, part of collective exhibition in Long Island Gallery, NY
2012 - Galore Art Festival Copenhagen - Hypnagogic folds - installation with video and visual artworks
2013 - Galore Art Festival Copenhagen - Language of her beast - collaborative room installation (spatial, visual, video, textural and sonic)
2014 - Bolsjefabrikken Culture Space, Copenhagen - Timeless beast - installation, video artwork and performance
2017 - Culture space Fabriksområdet, Månefiskeren, Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen - Entropomorphic extractions
2019 - Galleri 39 Copenhagen - Temporal Velocities and Hybrid Mythologies
2020 - Culture space Neo-Støberiet/ Copenhagen Music Maker Space - Entropomorphic Postcards exhibition and live visual performance
2021 - Wallspace Gallery / On Cyber (NFT collective exhibition)
2021 - Fort Gallery NFT (collective exhibition, Cryptovoxels exhibition)
2021 - Wallspace Gallery/Artobotic at Edinburgh Art Festival (NFT/physical collective exhibition)
2021 - Stratosphere DAO Beijing with Neal Gallery and Spatial Virtual Gallery - (NFT collective exhibition)
2021 - Wallspace Gallery - e/den - The Wrong Biennale
2021 - Art Basel Miami / Fort gallery / METAVIRTUAL 

We are sure we will see a lot more magic from IndiraIofEye in the coming times. Make sure to keep an eye out for new drops and interesting art experiences in 2022:

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