Collection: Little Fighters by Tony Nasa & Tiana

Stepping out of the box can sometimes lead to magical things. We are thrilled to announce a collaboration a little bit out of the usual, that has led to an exclusive collection you don't want to miss.. logo

enter featured artist Tony Nasa is proud to announce a series of NFTs launching today in collaboration with the fantastic Digital Artist and Illustrator Tiana from the launchpad. Her amazing hero NFTs have inspired Tony to blend their styles and bring “The Little fighters” to the digital world. These limited edition NFTs will be launched exclusively on, and is only the beginning of a series of fighting NFTs.

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“Our goal is to bring exceptional digital art to the world at affordable prices. This first launch will have 5/5 limited editions of each NFT. We believe in giving everyone across the platform an opportunity to enjoy some of these NFTS at a presale price whether it’s for enjoyment or investment. The first person to own 1 edition of each of the 8 NFTs will receive an actual physical signed reprint by one of the featured fighters."

The featured fighters you'll find in the collection:

1. Floyd Mayweather

2. Manny Pacquiao

3. Vasyl Lomachenko

4. Gervonta Davis

5. JoJo Diaz

6. Chris Colbert

7. Shakur Stevenson

8. Teofimo Lopez

Buyers and supporters of the collaboration will have access to presale deals and first access to future releases. The owners of these NFTs will be included in monthly giveaways which include autographed prints of art by the famous fighters, signed memorabilia, and tickets to boxing events in the near future.

The creators of Little Fighters

Tony Nasa  is a renowned Pop Culture Visual Artist in the combat sports world. With over 60k followers on Instagram and still growing across all social media platforms in the boxing world, Tony’s unique technique and creative eye have helped him establish a name for himself as “the” artist of fighters. Creating canvas paintings and murals for all types of athletes and promoters is always an honor, but he finds his collaboration with various charities and organizations to be far more rewarding. 

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Tony volunteers his time and talents to bring meaningful art to various communities. Some of this featured work was completed during the Covid pandemic with humanitarian work for hospitals and charities for underprivileged children to help raise money and bring awareness to various communities. “I did it out of love so you don’t owe me anything,” Tony says humbly. Before Covid, he was the exclusive boxing artist at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY and for Brooklyn Boxing. His creations have been featured on the Showtime Network to help promote championship fights and across different media outlets which were later auctioned off.

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Tiana is a Digital artist and illustrator that creates adorable versions of your childhood heroes from the innocent perspective of your inner child. She started drawing at a very young age, and has previously sold her abstract paintings in gallery shows. She creates NFTs while staying at home with her children, who inspires her work greatly. Her cute littles started as an idea of small drawings made when covid struck, when she experienced that people became more anxious. 

“People forget that everything will be ok one day, like a rainbow after the rain. We work every day with fear, anxiety and depression. We used to be kids full of hope like my children, who get excited when they see their favourite cartoon and enjoy the little things. That’s why I made the cute littles, where each is like a reminder of that child we used to be, and to maybe smile even for a second by looking at it.”

Tony from the United States and Tiana from Cyprus are connected by an “invisible thread” as they reside on opposite sides of the globe. They are excited to blend their styles and diverse palettes to bring you a gallery that is sure to be a hit. The first release will be comprised of 8 different NFTs, with Tianas adorable animated fighters on top of Tony’s original designs. 

Enjoy the gallery and get your limited edition today!

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