This week, we've had the pleasure of introducing a new branch of enter to the ecosystem: enterweb3; A full-service agency focused on meeting the needs of brands and projects in the crypto space. logo
@enter.artPUBLISHED 16TH DECEMBER 2022

It's no secret that working and building in web3 is a different story than more traditional markets, and creating a solid foundation amid the hype and speculation can be challenging. Whether you're a web3 native or a conventional company wanting to utilize the wonders of blockchain, the hoops are many, and having an experienced partner along the ride is crucial. 

It's safe to say that no one knows this better than us, a project that kicked off way faster than any of us could imagine, first with the launch of $NFTART and later Through our two years of building in the space, we've found that even though plenty of vendors offer services like community management, social media content, smart contract development and the like, few match our quality expectations. More importantly, few have the needed understanding of the space we're in. 

This, combined with observations we've gathered when working with web2 companies the last year and the skillsets we've built within our team, has led us to realize that we have a unique perspective to bring to the table. While the launch of enterweb3 might surprise many, it is the result of months of intensive planning, investigation of the market, and narrowing down our core competencies. 

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So how does this benefit the enterverse?

The launch of enterweb3 is a part of our overall growth strategy for 2023, as we also briefly touched upon in our 2023 statement. A prime motivation is enabling us to strengthen our in-house team and expand our expertise, which will allow us to dedicate more resources to grow our marketplaces and $NFTART in the long run. The agency also marks an exciting opportunity for the enter artist network, which we will connect with relevant projects, offering additional value for clients and artists alike.

What we've built together as a community throughout the last two years holds immense value, and we're incredibly excited to utilize all the tools and resources we've gathered on the way, to help the next generation of web3 projects thrive. With the launch of enterweb3, we are laying a solid foundation for the tough days of the bear market. We're excited to finally open the doors to enterweb3 and look forward to providing new opportunities for growth in web3. 

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