“Humanity": The First Event to Celebrate Human Artists In The Age of AI

[Sponsored] In an era where AI is increasingly prevalent, what if you could submit your AI prompts to human artists instead?

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 6TH JUNE 2023

Faerian, the first art gallery and community focused on imaginary worlds, is hosting "Humanity”. This online event is a celebration of human artistic talent, a testament to the power of human imagination and creativity in an increasingly automated world.

From June 6th to June 8th, over 120 artists from various disciplines will bring to life prompts submitted by the public. These prompts, usually given to AI, will serve as the inspiration for new, original artworks. The creative process will be streamed live on YouTube, allowing viewers to witness the birth of these artworks in real-time. This live stream will also be broadcast at the NFC Lisboa conference, further expanding its reach to the 3,000 attendees on-site.

Anyone can participate in this event by submitting a prompt, a theme for the artists, until June 8th. Artists are also invited to register and join the event. The event is free to participate for both artists and prompters, making it an inclusive platform for all. Don't miss out on this opportunity - submit your prompt today!

The list of prompts will be made public on June 8th, but the artists have already begun to work on some of their chosen prompts using a variety of mediums (visual digital, traditional, writing, and music) and styles. 

At the end of June 8th, a jury co-hosted with NFT Design Awards will select the best artworks. These selected pieces will be part of the final "Humanity" collection, a testament to the power of human creativity. The original prompter will have a 48-hour exclusive purchase window for a 1/1, at a price set by the artist and Faerian. If they decline it, the artwork will be submitted as an auction, or open edition, to the general public. 

This provides a unique opportunity for art collectors to acquire one-of-a-kind pieces from artists whose humanity was demonstrated during a live worldwide event.

"Humanity" is not just an event but a statement - a testament to the enduring power and value of human creativity and craftsmanship in a world where AI is becoming increasingly prevalent. It's a celebration of the beauty of man-made art, an invitation to artists, art lovers, and the curious to come together and explore the limitless potential of human imagination. Join us in this celebration, and let's make "Humanity" shine together.

About Faerian:

Faerian is an online art gallery focused on imaginary worlds. Founded by Cynthia Mayer, a long-time fantasy art enthusiast and fiction writer, Faerian has been physically exhibiting artists in Paris, Rome, Seoul, and NYC since December 2022. With "Humanity", Faerian continues its mission to celebrate and promote the power of human imagination.

To submit a prompt, register as an artist, or watch the live event, visit this page: https://faerian.art/humans


Twitter: https://twitter.com/faerian_art

Instagram: https://instagram.com/faerian.art

Website: https://faerian.art

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