How to market your NFTs

How do you give your NFT art the best conditions for being discovered by collectors? In this article, we explore a question that most NFT creators have faced at some point, and give you 4 tips on how to market your NFTs! logo

The popularity of NFTs has exploded in the past few years, which is exciting news for artists utilizing the medium. The ability to mint new projects and sell them to an oncoming wave of collectors and art fans demonstrates that blockchain technology has unique applications that go beyond cryptocurrency itself. However, the recency of its popularity leaves a gap in the knowledge of creators. Creating NFTs on is a piece of cake, but how can you stand out and reach new audiences among the sea of NFT creators and the projects being minted every day? Modern platforms demand modern marketing methods, so we’re here today to teach you how to bring your art to as many new fans as possible.

Create a social media presence

If you want to sell anything online, becoming social media savvy is a must. If you do it right, it’s also fun. Create accounts on sites and apps like Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Telegram, and Medium. Find existing communities related to the NFTs you sell and join them. Discord is one of the best platforms for finding communities since entire servers exist solely around NFTs. Instagram is ideal for visual artists since you can post images of upcoming NFT releases. On any platform, you can traffic content organically by attaching links to your products, your website, and your other social media pages when you participate in the community by making posts and leaving comments.

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Live on Curl Sculpture - Skulls by @jujulien

Creating consistent, high-quality content is essential to gathering and retaining followers. Post more than just photos or clips of your NFT. Talk about your artistic processes, engage with people directly, and offer exclusive sneak peeks for upcoming work. You can even post educational content about how to create or purchase NFTs, bringing additional members to your community. Remember that many people still don’t understand what NFTs are.

One of the best ways to gain new followers and retain interest from existing fans is to host a giveaway. Twitter is one of the best platforms for giveaways because you can require retweets or follows to be entered, thus allowing your fans to do your marketing for you. The cost of giving one NFT away for free often pays for itself with exposure. We find it’s best to do a giveaway about one week before a project launch. This allows enough time for the hype to build but not so much time that interest will wane by the release date. Don’t forget to link to your enter profile so fans know where to buy more of your work.

An AMA, or ‘Ask Me Anything’ is also a highly successful method for building engagement. You can use Discord, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, or other platforms, depending on where your engagement is most successful. Schedule your AMA ahead of time and promote it as much as possible. You can either ask for questions in advance or take them as they come during the live AMA. You can also enter all present fans into a giveaway to cross-promote and entice more participants.

The NFT landscape on social media is constantly evolving, so some experimentation is required to find what will work best for you. The most important thing, however, is to put yourself out there as much as possible.

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Live on Enemees #911 by @luisricardo and @lunart

Build an SEO-optimized website

No matter what methods you choose to market your NFTs, you should have a personal website to refer potential customers. Your website should look professional, attractive, and simple to use. Luckily, platforms like Squarespace and WordPress allow you to build great sites without knowledge of programming.

Just having a website isn’t enough. Without optimizing it for search engines, nobody will find it organically. If you want to save yourself the effort of learning SEO, there are plenty of agencies you can hire online to do it for you. However, learning the basics of SEO isn’t very difficult, and there are many helpful guides online. 

Team up with popular influencers

Finding popularity as an NFT creator is difficult on your own. Making friends who already have a presence within the community is a great way to get attention quickly. Not to mention, having like-minded friends is its own benefit.

Collaborative projects are a great way to experiment artistically while also building a connection. Releasing a collaboration means reaching two or more audiences simultaneously. The process is mutually beneficial. You can also find bloggers, vloggers, or all-purpose social media experts who enjoy promoting works like yours and offer them free NFTs in exchange for reviews or features. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people who are already successful. The worst they can do is deny your request. Just be sure that your interest comes from a genuine appreciation for their work rather than a shameless desire to piggyback on their popularity. Most influencers will be able to spot the difference.

Write killer descriptions

You might be selling your art as NFTs, but writing an enticing description for your work is an art in itself. Lots of creators underestimate the importance of a good description in coaxing a buyer to pull the trigger on a purchase. Many copywriters make entire careers out of this process. You don’t need to be a professional writer, but if you follow a few simple guidelines, your sales can skyrocket.

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Live on Bears In The World by Adwbowo

  • Use the power of story – Appealing to shoppers narratively can be a great tool for creating trust and familiarity. Talk about who you are and what inspired you to make the NFT. Were there any obstacles or hardships? Let your buyer get to know you a bit and trust will soon follow.
  • Speak to your audience directly – Most NFTs have niche markets. Chances are, if you’re creating art for these markets, you know them. This is doubly true if you followed step one and found these communities online. What are your archetypical buyer’s goals? How do they speak? What else interests them? When you know your audience, you can speak to them directly.
  • Use evocative language – Since NFTs are digital products, they appeal to the imagination of buyers and collectors. Use sensory language to help your audience feel the way you want them to feel. If you’re selling a digital landscape painting of a tropical beach, describe it with words like ‘warm,’ ‘bright,’ ‘soothing,’ and ‘paradise.’ Make sure your audience experience a preview of the emotions your work will evoke.

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How to market your NFTs

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