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6 months after the launch of NFTART, enter has gone through a strategic restructuring and is now ready to enter the future.

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 8TH OCTOBER 2021

Dear holders, collectors, artists & followers.

As you know, NFTART was launched six months ago by a group of people with a big passion for music, art, crypto, community and technology. 

Today, six months after we started the journey, we have two functioning marketplaces, more than 9000 users, and almost 100 000 NFTs sold.

Since the beginning our community has been accustomed to a high focus on the team and single persons related to the company. Our fast growth made that a necessity, as well as a state of life. At the stage we’re at, it’s beneficial for the company to change our communication strategy. Addressing this and restructuring the company is what will take us to the next level, prepare us for scale and the mass market. 

enter is the artists, collectors, community members, holders, and supporters. 

You are the ones this project was created for, and in the next weeks and months we will continue to focus on initiatives that will benefit all parts of the ecosystem.

The token has always been important to us. Moving forward, creating incentives and features that will benefit the token and the holders will continue to be a high priority.

You as a community continue to inspire us with your ideas and feedback.
As stated before, we are in need of a change where everyone feels included and heard. That change is already underway.

We will soon introduce governance and dive deeper into DeFi. Governance will enable collectors, investors, artists, and our community to have a bigger & more direct part in enter’s development going forward.

We are also making some structural changes in the team. You will be introduced to some new faces in the coming times, and some are moving to different positions in the company. In light of this, we’d like to quote co-founder Sebastian ‘Lykke’. 

 “We’ve been on quite the journey together. We’ve experienced everything from being pumped by moon-tubers to organised bot attacks on our server. You, the community, has been there throughout all of this. I appreciate you.  

At the stage we’re at, it’s beneficial for the company to change strategy to make sure that we can indeed reach the heights that we all strive for. We need to be more focused on what we are great at. That includes me. 

Preemptive details around certain strategic moves have put us and so many other projects in a box. 
I have been in that box for 6 months; I didn’t like it. Now I want to step out of the box, and enter the future.

I am stepping down from my role as the CEO of enter, but that does not mean I am leaving the company. I am doing this to refocus my energy and skills towards where they have most use, and that is not as CEO but more specialised towards tasks that require my full attention as we grow our new business ventures.”

- KA will step back in as acting CEO because he knows the vision, technology and blockchain aspect of the project.
- Simon will step in as our new chairman. With his past record in building companies from the ground up, we are confident that he will excel.

We’re excited to step into this new chapter for enter, and to share our progress with you in the coming times. 
Progress updates from the team will be made every Monday moving forward.

Love to you all! ♥️

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