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Want to see your own artwork walking around in the real world? Look no further, as we are looking for a front and/or back design created by YOU for our very first official custom merch design contest!

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 24TH OCTOBER 2022

 / Artwork used in header: Thank you for your support #192 by @tuwaras

We are beyond grateful to host a community of amazing artists from across the globe, all representing unique styles of creative expression. From vivid psychedelic works to intricate 3D designs and characteristic animations - the enter community has it all. We’ve previously printed enter merch for physical events, ambassadors and winners of contests, and while we adore our logo and simplistic designs, it is time to add some creativity to the mix. Ready to win 200$ in NFTART tokens and your own enter merch?

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Let’s get those creative juices flowing with the very first official enter merch contest!

We are looking for a unique front and/or back design that can be applied to hoodies and t-shirts. There are (almost) no rules here, so feel free to unleash your inner designer - we’re looking for your original interpretation of merch design. What does enter look like to you? 

Please keep in mind that the design is meant to represent the enterverse as a whole, and will be available for future enter related events. A little further down the road, the merch will be possible to purchase for everyone!

Find logos and other graphical components for use and inspiration here


Size: 1:1
Resolution: 200-300 dpi
RGB Mode: 8bit
Background: Transparent 
Filetype: PNG

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

CryptoFoxes #2 - enter.fox by @fox_leader

Keep it original, authentic and creative! 

If chosen, you will get your design printed on exclusive enter merch that will be shipped to you, and it will also be made available for purchase to the entire enter community! 

How to join:

  • Create an original, enter inspired front and/or back design for a t-shirt/hoodie
  • Send your design to review through this form
    By partaking, you agree to give full commercial rights of your design to enter for future use if your design is chosen as the winner
  • One winner will be drawn and announced across all our communities and social media profiles. The contest is active from October 24 - November 20. 

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Ratoon "The Enter Autumn" by @chano


  • Win 200$ worth of $NFTART & your own physical enter merch! The contest is active from October 24 - November 20. 
  • Front and/or back design for a hoodie or t-shirt
  • Style: Optional / Your interpretation of merch design
  • The design needs to be inspired by the enterverse & originally created by you
  • Submit your design here
    By partaking, you agree to give full commercial rights to enter for future use if your design is chosen as the winner

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