enter artist update #1 - Become featured on enter.art!

In the spirit of Web3, we are changing things up and inviting the community to partake in curating enter.art! Let’s take a look at what this new update entails, and how you can contribute.

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 7TH OCTOBER 2022

enter.art has since the very beginning flourished with amazing artists ranging from established photographers and 3D artists to up-and-coming artists delving into fine arts. Seeing as the enter Launchpads host close to three thousand artists, keeping track of the gems and their journey can be quite the challenge. With this in mind, we’re changing things up a little, to ensure that no one misses out on the exposure they deserve. 

It’s time to get the heat going in the main enter.art gallery again, and we’re excited to introduce our new featuring system where you can invite your favorite artist (or yourself) on board! After all, who knows great artists better than artists themselves, and the investors on the hunt for their next gem? 

We’re excited to invite the community of the enterverse to take an active role in who the next artist getting exposure as a Featured Artist will be. This is why we are introducing a general referral form, to ensure an easy line where you can tip the enter team about your favorite Launchpad artists. Or yourself - of course!

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What can you do as a Featured Artist?

Being featured by enter means unique promotional opportunities and it’s a great way to reach new heights with your art. Here are some of the most important aspects of what it means to be featured:

  • Be a part of building the future of art on the blockchain in a creative community of brilliant artists
  • Be featured on the front page of enter.art
  • Easy access to the enter team so that you can coordinate the promotion of your upcoming NFT drops on social media and on enter.blog
  • Be eligible for invitations to exclusive events & exhibitions
  • Possibility to become an ambassador and collaborate further with the enter team on future projects in the digital and physical space

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Requirements for Featured Artists on enter

The enter Featured Artists are artists that know who they are, what they represent, and that are uncompromising when it comes to their individual styles of expression. We’ve previously explored how you can increase your chances of becoming featured. Here are some of the most notable highlights to keep in mind:

  • Mint original and authentic art!
    This should go without saying - only mint works you’ve created yourself. Stay on top of copyright legislation when creating fan art, and make sure you own the rights to the elements you use when creating. 
  • Mint high-quality artworks
    Be mindful of your presentation and the resolution of your work. As an example, physical works may need a particular framing or some digital enhancement to “pop” in the gallery. There are plenty of great resources revolving around this topic - check out the NFT knowledge section on enter.blog for some great tips!
  • Be consistent and transparent
    Having fun and trying new things is great, but be mindful of the overall presentation of your profile. Too many different styles and raw ideas might clutter the overall appearance and make the curation process more difficult. Clear concepts and transparent communication revolving around your project, on the other hand, might speed up the process. 

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How to apply

If you’re an artist yourself, you can simply apply in the Featured Artist Submission form.

Make sure to add examples of your best works, and feel free to add any links that may help us get to know you better in advance. If you’ve submitted an application, take a deep breath and keep an eye on your inbox.

Note: Only accepted artists will receive a reply.

Being onboarded as a Featured Artist

New Featured Artists will be reviewed and onboarded on a weekly basis. If your application is accepted, you will be invited to an onboarding meeting. The onboarding meeting is an introductory meeting to verify your identity and the authenticity of your artwork. You will be asked to prepare some of your works, either physically or digitally through a screen share - a brilliant opportunity to showcase your work and share your vision for future promotion and collaboration!

Onboarding & requirements for established artists

If you’re an established artist either in Web3 or in the traditional art space, we’d love to help you get started on enter as a Featured Artist. For established artists, the onboarding meeting is optional, if you can meet our verification criteria in other ways. Please fill out this form instead.


  • You have an extensive body of verified independent work. 
  • You are verified by a social media platform, and able to verify your identity by sending a DM to the official enter profile. 
  • You can refer to min. 2 publications revolving around your work. 
  • You can refer to several exhibitions you’ve been part of.
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We’re excited to see new submissions and get to know more of the amazing creators in the enterverse moving forward, as well as seeing more amazing artworks in the Featured Artist gallery! Keep an eye out for the submission form next week. This is the first of several important updates we’ll be making revolving around being an enter artist, so keep an eye out for the next artist update, focusing on revamping the Launchpad mechanics and other interesting aspects to creating in the enterverse.

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