DAOs Can Now Apply for ENTER Vote Delegation

We're thrilled to announce that we're ready to embark on the exciting next phase in the implementation of the ENTER protocol; It’s time to extend a warm invitation to DAOs to participate in the governance of the ENTER Protocol.

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As we move closer to the full implementation of Project Symbiosis, the enter team is delighted to delegate a portion of their own Voting Power to select DAOs with an interest in participating in the ENTER protocol.

The ENTER protocol is a vesting and yield-boosting system that allows the enter community to participate in governance and receive emissions of $ENTER from designated gauges and pools. Find everything you need to know about the ENTER protocol in the whitepaper breakdown here

From the inception of the ENTER protocol, our guiding star has always been the pursuit of radical governance and decentralization. As such, it’s a natural step for us to entrust up to 50.000 ENTER from our own Voting Power to the capable hands of carefully selected DAOs for an initial period of 3 months. This will help increase the diversity of the Governance Participants, attract new users to the platforms, and result in more reliable governance for the first months of the ENTER protocol. 

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The governance principles of the ENTER protocol can best be described as reliability through diversity and numbers. The more diverse, competent, and the larger the group of governance participants, the better and more reliable our decisions will be. Therefore, we look forward to growing the group of governance participants with a competent and diverse line-up of DAOs. You can read more about the philosophy behind governance in the ENTER protocol here.

By receiving delegated voting power, DAOs, and their constituent members will get a say in the protocol by participating in governance proposals and thereby influencing critical decisions like funding the right gauges, selecting eligible collections for listing and bidding pools, steering the development of platform features, and even orchestrating adjustments to protocol parameters. 

With great power, comes great responsibility though. The DAOs selected to participate in the governance of the ENTER Protocol are expected to contribute to the discussion around governance proposals, be active in governance votes, and act in good faith. If a DAO does not participate or acts in bad faith, the enter team will reserve the right to requisition the delegated voting power.

For a full overview of governance procedures, tokenomics, and features, please refer to the whitepaper.

To apply for delegated Voting Power, simply fill out THIS FORM

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