Community Newsletter #11 - August 2023

July in the enterverse community had a lot in store with fun events, news updates, and quests! Let’s look at what went down and go over the plans for August and what you can expect. logo
@enter.artPUBLISHED 2ND AUGUST 2023

📄 veENTER White Paper

While we all eagerly wait for the launch of Project Symbiosis, we got a detailed description of how $ENTER and veENTER would revolutionize the role the community plays in shaping the development of the enter protocol! To celebrate this, we had some fun quest tasks focussed on getting the fam up to speed on their knowledge of the dual token system.

🎨 Enteria Drop

We saw the 3rd reveal of the Enteria collection go live on the 14th of July through a stream on Discord. Two new tribes were released, and the Enteria OST ‘Tribes Of Enteria, Vol. 01’ album went live on! This collection is primarily a collaborative one, and it was great to see frens come together to continue the story of Enteria.

Artist Streams on our Discord are a great platform to introduce new collections to our community. Featured Artists of the enterverse are encouraged to reach out to the artist team if they’d like to make use of this to showcase their works!

🎴 Game Night

July’s poll for the Game Night game was tied, and we had SmashKarts and Gartic as the winners. We went with Gartic as it's a classic that brings us together and makes for a fun evening. It would be great to hear from you guys about fun, light, and engaging games that can be played on all platforms that we could probably play for the game nights ahead.

👣 July Zealy Board

The July Zealy board was the last one in the monthly format, and it was a pleasure to watch the questers complete the tasks for a chance to win the top spot! With the upcoming launch of $ENTER and veENTER, this board had tasks that not only expanded our knowledge of Voting and Governance in crypto in general but also on Project Symbiosis and how it will revolutionize decision-making in the enter protocol. We also had some great content created through the tasks on the board that spread the word about the enter platforms!

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Community AI Content Submission

🗺 Quest Boards Ahead

We love the Quests as much as you do, and we will be tweaking them to make them more exciting and engaging. While we will be moving away from the monthly boards, you will be seeing Quest campaigns that would be devised around new releases in the enterverse

Complete fun tasks, expand your knowledge, and create content while contributing to the growth of the enterverse and earning some juicy rewards! Stay tuned to hear about Quest boards in the new format and be ready as these will be time-critical!

🕹 August Game Night

Let’s keep the monthly game nights rolling, as it's always a pleasure to engage with each other as a community! While we’re shifting more of the decision-making to you guys, you get to vote on what game you want to play again this month. In the spotlight, we have Cards Against Humanity, Gartic bot, and SmashKarts. You decide! We will have the poll up in Discord on the 15th, and we’ll play on Saturday the 19th. Also, feel free to use the suggestions channel in the Discord server to suggest games that you would like to play with the fam in the future, ideally ones that are accessible to all (no p2p) and are fun to play as a team. 

🧑‍🎨 AI on the fly

Using AI can be lots of fun, and very helpful too! We’ve had the well-known Midjourney AI bot in the enter server since it came out. This month, he’ll be joined by the Turing bot. Now you’ll be able to access ChatGPT, GPT-4, StableDiffusion, Bard, and Alpaca - all without leaving the comfort of Discord! Keep an eye out for an announcement containing more information when he goes live.

🗣 Enter Army Unite!

You guys are the most important part of our project! Long ago, we formed an “Enter Army” with a Discord role that was only obtainable by being extremely active in our server, before we stopped distributing it. We also created a channel in the server to give a space for you guys to collaborate with each other in an effort to bring more attention to the project. Unfortunately, the Discord Enter Army we once knew has died, so let’s bring it back to life! We’re changing the former “Shill Army” role to the new “Enter Army”. That sounds a lot better, doesn’t it? We want the new Enter Army to band together and create a lasting impact in the enterverse and beyond. You can pick up this role in the roles channel in the enterNFT Discord server, where you will be pinged (not spammed, I promise!) to complete tasks that will be mutually beneficial. You’ll notice that the channel in the server previously called shill army is also now called the enter army. Not only will it be used for completing tasks sent out by us, but you’re also encouraged to work together. Boost each other on SoMe? Twitter raid? Or can we not call it Twitter anymore? X raid? Either way, let’s do it!

✨ Community Content Highlight

Visit the enter the communities & Join the fun - LFG! 🎉

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